Jewelry maker announces sacred symbols jewels perfect as mother’s day gift

High-quality jewelry based on ancient forgotten knowledge attracts good health, happiness, and a better life

Come Sunday, 14 May 2017, the world will be celebrating mother’s day. Mothers have played crucial roles in almost everyone’s lives, so they deserve a special treatment. One of the best ways to appreciate the heroines of humanity is to get them a special mother’s day jewelry from KA Gold Jewelry. These inspiring jewelry gifts created by artist, David Weitzman, are available in different styles and collections and made for different purposes. The Jewelries are made with sacred symbols and geometry, offering a meeting point for science and ancient wisdom. They are tools for healing, self-balance, cosmic awareness, creativity, fertility, love, acceptance, etc.

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“The inspiration to make these jewelry comes from my deep intention and passion for helping people. Ka Gold pendants are a product of my many years of studying sacred knowledge from around the world. I have received many testimonies of my jewel, helping people improve their lives and changing their perception of the world. I encourage more people to try them out and witness the magical effects,” said David Weitzman, Owner of KA Gold Jewelry.

KA Gold Jewelry has in its collection inspiring jewelry perfectly suited as a gift for a mother on mother’s day. Customers can shop for the Genesa Crystal, which is an excellent tool for healing and self-balance. There is also the Hunab Ku pendant that is Mayan symbol of the mother womb or the Mayan World Tree Pendant, which is an ancient symbol of the universe and the cosmic awareness. The Ancient Egyptian Mother and Child Protection Amulets available in gold and silver are original designs for mother’s day.

Other pendants excellent as a mother’s day gift include seed of life pendant, which is a symbol of creation and fertility, key of love pendant that represents love and acceptance as well as lion cub for mother’s pendants. Customers can also buy lioness motherhood pendant, the great mother ring, happiness pendant, the Merkaba, inlaid egg of life and Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings made originally by David to his beloved mother as a gift, on Mother’s Day 2013.

“I found David on Facebook from a post I saw which grabbed my attention. After looking over David’s FB page, I figured I would view his website. The Jupiter Exaltation Talisman Ring Silver & Gold Limited Edition and 7 Metals Astrology Rings caught my eyes. So after much thought (like 2 seconds), I bought them. I am very happy to have these awesome rings. Thank you,” said Roberts C, a customer.

KA Gold Jewelry is specially designed and made by David and his team, rather than in a mass production factory. The special care taken to ensure they come out excellent is evident in their beauty.

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KA Gold Jewelry is a company that designs and makes jewelry based on ancient and forgotten knowledge. Since they started production about two decades ago, their jewelry has helped thousands of people find happiness, and transform their lives.

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