Kevan Casey Adds worthy Houston Charities to the approved list his foundation supports

HOUSTON, TX – 5 Apr, 2017 – Today, Kevan Casey thru his foundation, The Kevan Casey Foundation, added three more charities to its’s list of charitable organizations worthy of support. “Children and Veterans being the core beneficiary of these great organizations”, is the key to his decision and to the values of his foundation.  

“At the heart of the work of The Kevan Casey Foundation, is a great group of charities, who do tremendous work, both in the community and behind the screens.” said Kevan Casey.  “Making the decision to add these charities was an easy one, not only do they all have the same common dominator  which is helping children and veterans, but they also work tirelessly to ensure no Texas Veteran or Child is left out,” Kevan Casey.

For more than 10 years, Kevan Casey has been helping organizations whose objective is to help veterans and children, as well as other faith based organizations. If you know of a Houston Charity that supports Kevan Casey’s vision for helping children or veterans, please conact us.

Hope Stone

Hope Stone is a non-profit organization in Houston that’s main focus is to tap into the creative potential of children and young adults. They dedicate their cause to nurturing the creative aspects of communities through various programs. Hope Stone is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Houston by utilizing the powerful tool of art.

The light house of Houston- Facilities for visually impaired people

The light house of Houston is an organization that was established in 1939. The goal behind the creation of this organization is to help visually impaired people so that they can get involve in the quality way of living. As it is a private, non-profit service center, it has developed special programs to facilitate the people. Around 7000 people are served every year and the number is increasing with every passing day. The mode of providing facilities is on an individual basis. People are evaluated and then they are provided with the specified facility they need.

Covenant house – facilitating the homeless

Homelessness is the issue that is faced by a lot of people per year in U.S. About 2 million youth have experiences homeless and according to the studies, 5000 of these children lost their life on the streets because of the absence of a home. Covenant house is working continuously for the protection of rights of the young people. The mission is to speak up for those who do not have the right to speak for themselves. Just like all other people in the world, the homeless kids have their own rights that should be provided to them. Major rights include the right to food, clothing, shelter, education; and the right to be free from any kind of abuse either emotional or physical.

While these are just some of the charities Kevan Casey has added to the list for his foundation to support, there are many others out there. Today there are many children and veterans who are homeless, without jobs, food, clothing or shelter, giving starts with one person. “Changing the world for one person, one step at a time,” said Kevan Casey in a recently interview. This might just be a moment for you, but a lifetime for someone else, Kevan Casey continued to say. If you cannot give money, give time or whatever you can do, just help!

ABOUT the Kevan Casey Foundation

The Kevan Casey Foundation was founded to bring awareness to many charities in Houston and Texas who need the community support, not only financial, but also with volunteer work, organizing events and carrying out some of the wishes for the children and veterans who the charities actually benefit. Visit Kevan Casey’s website at for more information on various charities and learn how you can help our community.

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