Airwheel S5 SUV 2 Wheel Electric Scooter Is Applied To Many Fields

Outstanding ability and experience in cross-country trips of Airwheel S5 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter enable it to be applied into many fields.

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The market niche of Airwheel S5 is different from S3’s. In other fields, Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter is much more remarkable than the other products in S series.

To begin with, S5 is suitable for outdoor and cross-country exercise. Airwheel S5 is a model that especially designs for outdoor and cross-country exercise. To improve its cross-country ability, the look is designed rougher and more magnanimous. 16-inch jumbo tyres are introduced in S5 intelligent electric scooter so that it can conquer any terrain easily, including passing the rugged terrain and going up and down the steps. What’s more, S5 self-balancing electric scooter adopts the foldable aluminum alloy control shaft, which makes it lighter, harder, more durable and stylish, so cross-country lovers can put S5 into their trunks and start the adventures.

intelligent electric scooter

Then, Airwheel S5 is widely used by the public security police, traffic police, armed police and patrolling staff in airport, warehousing, and logistics all have to patrol every day. This work is not too exhausted, but working for a day makes people fatigue, and driving is not convenient and environmental friendly. At this point, S5 2-wheeled electric scooter solves all the problems. S5 turns the boring and unchangeable daily patrol into an intelligent and high-tech one. It is energy saving and convenient. If there are some emergencies, it is easy for the users to stop and park S5. Airwheel S5 electric scooter is definitely the best partner for this group of people.

self-balancing electric scooter

Also, Airwheel Ideawheel S5 makes travelling in scenic spots more easy and comfortable. The large-scale theme parks always cover an area of more than one thousand acres. If the visitors all walk when visiting, it is too fatigue and will reduce people’s interest and passion in playing. Now, there is a new way to visit the theme park — renting S5 self-balancing electric scooter, which brings more fun to the trip. With the help of Airwheel S5, visitors can ride instead of walk and get the same field of vision.

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Anyway, Airwheel S5 electric walkcar is to be used in more fields.

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