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The Toss-It is made of Heat Resistant materials.
Toss-It! is a leak proof disposable bag where you can place your unwanted hot cooking grease which can then be thrown in the garbage. Solving a long held inconvenient problem of how to easily dispose of unwanted kitchen grease. Also, providing environmental benefits by preventing Fats and Grease to access our waste water systems.

Fats, Oils and Grease, better known as FOG, can cause expensive plumbing repairs when not disposed of properly. Never dispose of FOG down your kitchen drain. Your Toss-It! is a convenient way to dispose of your kitchen grease, will save you money by avoiding expensive plumbing repairs and is good for a healthy water system.

Finally, we have a solution to end the dilemma of how to easily dispose of cooking fat and grease quickly and responsibly. Have you ever been cooking bacon or other foods and wondered about the best way to dispose of that unwanted leftover grease? I’m sure your first thought is to dump the grease down the drain. Or maybe you’ve gotten creative and cut open a can to dump the grease. In the past, individuals have been left to their own imagination on how to get rid of unwanted cooking grease. It is best to use a Toss-It bag rather than old cans or jars that will no longer be recycled once filled with grease. The cost for a Toss-It is a small price to pay for solving drain repair and environmental problems.

Waste water treatment Plants struggle to keep their systems grease free and encourage residential kitchens to dispose of unwanted grease in the trash. The accumulation of unwanted cooking grease while preparing foods is a concern for many while the options for properly disposing of the unwanted grease are limited.

From homeowners to landlords, the Toss-It! is a great product that can prevent costly plumbing repairs and provides an environmentally friendly solution to getting rid of grease in a responsible fashion. Apartment owners will love this product and will want to distribute them to their tenants.

Because significant amounts of FOG are discharged in wastewater from single family and multifamily homes, the propensity to cause blockages in sewer lines are significant. Per the EPA’s report, of the thousands of sanitary sewer overflows that occur each year in the U.S., approximately 48% are due to line blockages, of which 47% are related to FOG deposits that constrict the access of pipe.

The Drain is not a Dump. Put FOG in a Toss-It!

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