An Infusion of Style and Technology by Airwheel backpack electric Bike E3

People buy intelligent products to improve every aspect of life. Airwheel intelligent e bikes are designed to improve the daily commuting efficiency. Among all the products, Airwheel smart e bike E3 is highly recommended.

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Traditional e bikes with bulky stature and rigid style can not appeal to many people. This is a key reason which affects people choosing an e bike to commute. Airwheel smart e bike E3, with mini size, fashionable style and superior folding ability is now changing people’s opinion of e bikes.

E3 foldable e bike

Firstly, take a glimpse of the basic configuration of the vehicle. A super light weight of 11.1 kg is realized by the adoption of light aluminum alloy frame. The perfect combination of structure and material enables the vehicle to bear 100 kg load. Every part seems so mini that people can’t even imagine it can carry an adult. Customized 8 inch tires chosen have better traffic ability and stability. Specially designed tread pattern makes turning agile and safe. The foldable electric bike has remarkable folding ability. The vehicle is shaped in a round style.

Airwheel smart e bike E3

Airwheel Ideawheel E3 also has a minimalist style. It has ditched the chain of traditional bikes. Therefore, it can be purely driven by electricity, or be folded and taken onto public transportation system. Most parts of the vehicle is foldable, including the main frame, tires, saddle, handle bar pedals and operating rod. The folded size can even fit into a backpack. The multiple folding system is to provide a brand-new riding experience. The electric folding bike is designed to both save time and labor. People can ride the vehicle to cover the short-distance between company and home, or between metro stations and home.

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The intelligent elements of the vehicle lie in its motor and battery. A 300W powerful hub motor, integrated with electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking system offers powerful and stable force. E3 foldable e bike is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set, weighing 1.4kg. The battery is swappable and guarantees sufficient power supply. Integrated with a USB port, it can charge other electronic devices. The vehicle itself demonstrates an infusion of style and technology. People choose the vehicle for its vogue design and convenience. 

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