Fit Immersion\’s Patented Solution For Ultimate Fitness

The VR kit can transform any bike into an immersive, high training & intelligent platform at an affordable cost

April 6, 2017 – Fit Immersion has announced that it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign this week to back its Personalized Training Project. The campaign will be launched to seek public support in backing this France based project. Fit Immersion has announced this project after 27 months of research and development and the company aims to be a difference maker with its VR training and is bringing together the supreme blend of technology and fitness. The patented solutions of Fit Immersion is more affordable as compared to Oculus and HTC Vive solutions.

Fit Immersion is now a brand of a newly created “Perform VR” company and the company has recently revealed some amazing accomplishments and future plans. Fit Immersion has recently conducted a successful test session at the partner fitness club. Moreover, Dimitry, the inspiring founder of this project recently attended “body fitness” exhibition in Paris and during the exhibition, some of the leading exercise bike manufacturers were interested in partnership with the company.

Moreover, another major accomplishment for Dimitry and his team was that the Virtual Reality Exhibition called ‘Laval Virtual’ organized on 25th and 26th of May, 2017 went extremely successful. Fit Immersion has big plans for 2017 and has a lot of great stuff stored for its users in the fitness world. Being an expert in AI and math, the founder of this project, Dimitry is an experienced developer and has done programming in several languages and platforms. In addition, he has an impressive 22 years of experience as a semi-professional athlete.

“We have proudly patented the first VR cardboard designed for sport along with a wireless speed sensor,” said Dimitry while talking about the upcoming project. “It will be compatible with all exercise bike types and elliptical trainers and is going to be quite affordable for the users,” he added. The solution is more personalized than any other training program in the industry and has many new and exciting features.

Alongside Dimitry, the founder of company as well as this project, Ludmila and Jeremy were also involved in bringing this project to life. Both are the co-founders as well as industry experts. Moreover, a recognized Fitness Coach and Trainer Bruno along with Production/Distribution Adviser, Nikolay are also contributing in making the dream of this next level of Virtual Reality come true. In addition, Abraham is taking care of the social media and marketing aspects of this revolutionary project. The solution is personalized with a sophisticated fitness test and training programs and supports outside and virtual tracks in 360°. For fitness clubs, public gyms and personal use, the solution is plug and play. An economic version for general public is Android compatible.

More details about the project, team and happenings, please visit the website of Fit Immersion and Facebook Page:

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