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A laser consists of an active element that provides the energy levels for the laser transition, mirrors that allow control of the laser process through cavity response and finally a pump source that provides the necessary energy. It’s known that the luminosity of laser is quite high, which can reach up to billion times of that of the sun or even higher. It’s pure and with excellent mono-chromaticity. It has unparalleled collimation (travel in straight lines). Laser has great power; the burst of energy can penetrate and melt even the hardest substance.

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Equipment that can generate laser is called laser device. According to working substances, laser devices can be divided into gas laser, solid laser, liquid laser and semiconductor laser. The most common lasers are He-Ne laser, CO2 laser, ruby laser, neodymium glass laser and others. Crystal material is widely used in lasers. Crystals used in laser is laser crystal. Laser crystals are classically single crystals (monocrystalline material) which are used as increase media for solid-state lasers. DPL is the most capable laser among the different kinds of lasers. And laser crystal is the core part of DPL.

In most cases, they are doped with either trivalent rare earth ions or transition metal ions. These ions enable the crystal to amplify light at the laser wavelength via stimulated emission, when energy is supplied to the crystal via absorption of pump light. Active ions used in laser crystal are mainly transition metal ions and trivalent rare-earth ions. Compared with doped glasses, crystals usually have higher transition cross sections, a smaller absorption and emission bandwidth, a higher thermal conductivity, and possibly birefringence. In some cases, monocrystalline laser materials may be replaced with ceramic gain media, which have a fine polycrystalline structure.

The Global Laser Crystals Market is segmented on the basis of product type, micro-structure, aspects, applications, and region. On the basis of product type, the global market is classified into Ti: Sapphire Crystals, Nd: YVO4 Crystals, Nd: YAG Crystals, Yb: KGW and Yb: KYW Crystals, Yb: YAG Crystals, Yb: CaF2 Crystals. Nd: YAG segment holds the largest market share of the laser crystal market and is expected to remain dominant over the forecast period.

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Nd: YAG Crystals: high optical homogeneity, high damage thresholds, and have been AR coated for maximum throughput at 1064nm. Nd: YVO4 Crystals have a large stimulated emission cross section, high absorption of the pump laser source, and have been AR coated for maximum throughput at 808nm and 1064nm. Yb: KGW crystals are ideally suited as ultrashort pulse amplifiers or for use in high power thin disk lasers, and have been AR coated for maximum throughput at 980 – 1064nm. Yb:KYW crystals are ideal for tuning of laser radiation in the range of 1020 – 1060nm and the generation of pulses shorter than 70fs and are AR coated for maximum throughput at 980 – 1064nm.

Ti: Sapphire: features large emission bandwidths and excellent thermal conductivity and are used to generate ultrafast pulse lasers and high repetition rate oscillators. On the basis of micro structure, the global market is classified into luminescence center and host crystal. Most luminescence center of laser crystal is made up of active ion. While active ion becomes part of the host crystal, then it will become self-activated laser crystal. Host crystals used in laser crystal are mainly oxides and fluorides.

On the basis of aspects, the global market is classified on the basis of single crystal, glass, optical fiber, and ceramic. On the basis of application, the global market is classified into soft or hard tissue application, industrial and high power solid state, scientific research, others. Geographically, the global market is segmented into North America, China, Europe, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. The key players are All-Chemie, Ltd., International Crystal Laboratories, Sawyer Technical Materials, LLC, Laser SOS, and TechnicaLaser.

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