Chinese Brands to Appear on “Global Release of Top 100 Chinese Auto Electronics Brands”

After nearly 30 years’ rapid development of the industry, Chinese auto electronics enterprises no longer expand market by imitation and low price and begin to focus on brand building and market influence. They have high production capacity and high level of technical research, development and innovation, as well as the ability to promote the development of the industry. The upgrade of brand strength directly promotes China’s renowned auto electronics enterprises to go global. To achieve this, Chinese brands first need powerful international channel resources, that is, to find an entrance to the world market.


In order to make world buyers fully learn about and trust Chinese auto electronics brands, CIAACE Organizational Committee, together with 100 chambers of commerce, more than 500 media and 500 expert judges and public judges of the whole industry from more than 100 countries, initiated a global selection of “Top 100 Chinese Auto Electronics Brands”, held the “Global Release of Top 100 Chinese Auto Electronics Brands” and invited global auto media, trade associations, automobile factories, 4S and car dealers, Chinese and foreign auto supplies circulators, chain automobile service organizations and car owners to jointly witness the occasion, making “Power of China” reviewed to 500 million car owners in the world.

“Going global” is the future development trend of China’s auto electronics industry and it is one of enterprises’ goals to build a high-value brand image. As the first step towards the goal, the brand selection activity was started on March 20, 2017 and a press conference was held in Shenzhen, China on March 24. The whole voting period will last for more than three months, and two voting systems are adopted, namely public voting system and expert voting system. Among more than 300 Chinese auto electronics brands, 100 will upgrade out of 200, 50 out of 100 and 30 out of 50, and finally the winners will appear on the shocking brand awarding ceremony to be held in Guangzhou, China on July 1.

In addition, as the organizer of this activity, CIAACE Organizing Committee will also pay a visit to interview the leaders of the participating “Top 100” brands. The interview records will be compiled bilingual and included in 100 Chinese Electronic Enterprises Rewriting Global Rules (a tentative title, ISBN) to be published to introduce the history of Chinese auto electronics industry to global users. The book will be distributed to all visitors and exhibitors at CIAACE, the accurate purchaser platform covering China’s auto aftermarket and powerful international resources from July 1 to July 3, building a quick path to the world market for Chinese auto electronics brands. 

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