New Hope For Fishermen Tired of Paddling the Distance!

JACKSONVILLE, FL – 6 Apr, 2017 – The Solo Skiff, the kayak/SUP with an outboard motor mount, is turning a lot of heads lately. The company released a short video on its Facebook page last week that already has almost six million views and over 100 thousand shares. “Response to this video has been crazy”, said Tom Mitzlaff, the product’s designer. “Dealers are calling us saying they need more boats- it’s a great thing!”

The Solo Skiff features a revolutionary design allowing the use of an outboard motor up to five horsepower, yet the craft still paddles easily. The boat also features a hull design that has stability and will not trap water, making the boat almost impossible to sink or swamp.

450,000 kayaks are sold annually, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) based in Chicago. That’s a lot of kayaks. Fisherman are a large part of that crowd. 46 million people purchased fishing licenses last year alone. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why a craft like this can appeal to so many.

A kayak with an outboard motor makes a great deal of sense, particularly the adventurous seeking to explore new areas beyond normal paddling range. But a huge market of appeal is the aging baby-boomers, who enjoy small boats. The safety of an unsinkable boat just makes the Solo Skiff that much more appealing. And you can motor home after a long day! The fact that it can be easily launched out of a small pickup truck (as seen on video) really makes it appealing to people that want a simple way to fish, and do not want to paddle long distances.

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