Aickar Promotes Indiegogo Campaign For The EIF – The World’s First Transparent Aroma Diffuser

Aickar, a professional Aroma Diffuser manufacturer announced today the promotion of their Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign on the Elf, a revolutionizing, transparent essential oil diffuser. The campaign was launched with a flexible funding goal of $30.000 in order to support the release of the Elf on the market.

The groundbreaking Elf (also humorously called the Elfin) is an innovative aromatherapy diffuser with advanced features and a mesmerizing, see-through design that allows one to watch the dynamic vapour as it disperses into the air.


Jeno Guo, founder of the Aickar OEM aroma diffuser manufacturing company stated “There has been little progress in the past 8 years in the way aroma diffusers are created. Responding to a pressing need for change, we decided to come up with an innovative product that would combine functionality with an attractive, mesmerizing design, perfect for bringing an air of freshness to the people of the city.”

Unique to its kind, the Elf serves as an aroma diffuser and humidifier at the same time, boasting the following features:

1. Impressive water drop shape with detachable lid
2. 7 rotating, color changing LED lights
3. Whisper quiet 2.4 MHZ ultrasonic technology
4. Simple operation (three touch keys: light/mist/off)
5. Releases 100% efficacy of essential oils without burning
6. 400ml capacity
7. Timing function setting

The miraculous properties of pure essential oils have been known for centuries, with their benefits ranging from disease prevention, sleep improvement, relaxation and stress relief to wellness and spirituality. Listed below are some of the benefits urban dwellers can experience with the use of the Elfin:

1. Promotes a better and more restful sleep
2. Offers a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness
3. Cleans the air
4. Uplifts the mood
5. Enhances mental clarity
6. Improves the quality of air in closed spaces
7. Deodorizes and refreshes
8. Adds moisture to the air
9. Sets the ambience for special/romantic occasions
10. Elevates any room décor

The Elf makes an irreplaceable addition to any home or office, instantly elevating the room’s ambience and décor. Its refreshing presence adds moisture and a wonderful aroma, making it very helpful, especially in working environments or study spaces. It is also very helpful during the cold winter months or during spring, when colds, respiratory conditions, sinusitis, congestions, allergies and asthma are common.

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The Aickar team is a group of young and forward-thinking people with unstoppable imagination, who love to think outside the box. Their true passion in life is to share their vision of a happier, healthier and stress-free lifestyle with the world, through their unique creations.

Andy, the Aickar’s team marketing manager said“I am honoured to be part of this creative group, leading our efforts to create helpful, innovative and highly functional products that enhance the wellbeing of everyday people. Guided by our unending inspiration and backed by our constant efforts, we will continue to innovate and offer the world a fresh, new look on wellness.”

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