A Butterfly’s Kiss: A Book On Kids’ Triumph In The Face Of Health Crises Seeks Crowdfunding Backing For Publication

West Hollywood, CA – A Butterfly’s Kiss is “the heartwarming tale of a young girl finding hope amid life’s challenges” – but the story of how the book came to be is equally touching.

It was the fall of 2015 and David Faustina had arrived to children’s hospital to be of support for a special young child in his life. As he walked the halls of the hospital his mind was consumed by the realities that the many young children and their loved ones face when life presents challenges that place them in these specialized hospitals. It was 1978 when David first visited a children’s hospital, but the first time he was not a visitor but a patient. Having been born nearly two months premature it was the focused care that he credits for giving him life nearly forty years ago. He now finds himself back, but to support someone close to him. As he walked the corridors of the hospital he found many families open to sharing their stories and even though this helped keep his mind off of the worry he harbored it was the shared experience that sparked the beginning of his new children’s book, A Butterfly’s Kiss.

At an age where many of the young patients’ peers grew by leaps and bounds, crawling and taking their first steps, many of these kids are confined to immobility or even some, quarantine in an effort to protect their young immune systems – yet, something seemed to unite the families he met and that was an unwavering inner strength that both parent and patient put forth.  During one of the most challenging times in the lives of these young children, he remarked that not one of those families looked at their personal situations from a downcast perspective. And the little girl he was visiting, showed this same strength. It was this experience that led Mr. Faustina to pen A Butterfly’s Kiss, and now, he asks for the public’s backing to help make the book available to all, who are certain to be touched by its message.

The book has been endorsed by the Director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, Charles “Chad” T. Price, MD, who remarked, “A Butterfly’s Kiss is a beautiful allegory that children will understand completely. This heartwarming book is beautifully illustrated with pictures that convey the words. The story lifts the spirits by showing confined children that friends are helping them as they are on their journey of becoming new and beautiful. From my perspective as a physician, this book captures the essence of a child’s amazing ability to accept life as it unfolds.”

“Children are required to grow up at a tremendous speed these days,” said Mr. Faustina. “I wanted to write something that speaks to a child’s inner-self, something that would remind them that life is filled with change and challenge, yet somehow they are going to get through it, and they will be ok.” His book is a lyrical journey that reminds children of the newness change can bring and, as the book reads, “If you ever wonder if the light is near, remember each day the sun must appear.”

The book begins its presale on April 6th exclusively on Kickstarter. A portion of the proceeds from the book’s sales will be dedicated to helping the International Hip Dysplasia Institute at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and many other organizations for children around the United States.

During the book’s Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to select a reward tier that offers two books for purchase – one will be sent out to them, and the second one will be sent, on their behalf, to a children’s hospital in the U.S; campaign organizers have called this reciprocal move the “#GiveAWish challenge”.

For more information on how to help bring this book to print, visit www.abutterflyskiss.com; or visit the book’s campaign page on Kickstarter.com

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