TIVC Shows a Better “TIME” Ahead With Breakthrough Vegan Eco-Friendly Watches

Globally renowned Aussie startup TIVC speaks of a better time with its classic handcrafted 100% eco-friendly and vegan watches that are made from recycled materials in complete compliance with REACH requirements.

April 6, 2017 – With animal cruelty on rise and environmental damage steadily reaching the peak, it’s high time that we step forward to do our bits for a greener kinder future. Upholding that very spirit, a rising Aussie startup Time IV Change is looking forward to shape the world for better “times” through its revolutionary classic handcrafted vegan eco friendly watches. The company harps on green yet highly fashionable classic timepieces made from vegan leather and recycled materials.

“In the light of the current environmental mayhem and unnecessary cruelty imposed on the innocent animals, it’s ‘time’ that we ring a call to conscience. This is why we come up with our game-changing 100% eco-friendly and vegan watches which will help to do your bit in saving our Mother Earth and ensuring a peaceful co-existence for all living beings around.  All our watches are PETA-approved and we are very particular about least impact on environment,” said Marko, one of the co-founders of TIVC.

Founded in 2016 in Geelong, Time IV Change has fast garnered global recognition for its game-changing efforts to make the planet a better place to live in. Its Kickstarter campaign last year (March 2016) fetched around $20,000 from inspired supporters that were ample to start its very first production. At present, the company stocks its watches to several international quarters such as Germany, Canada and many more. 

“We believe in taking things forward for better and also each of ours infinite ability to shape up the world around for a positive change. It’s this very philosophy that inspired us to create something that will enable you to express your ideals strongly & feel confident about them at the same time,” Monique, the other co-founder added in.

The company makes vegan leather watch bands from recycled materials mixed with high quality polyurethane and different ultra-fine microfiber bundles. All the bands made are completely compliant with the REACH requirements for being eco-friendly. The company manager assures no presence of nasty chemicals or toxins in the watch bands as is usual with actual leather. The watch cases too are made from recycled aluminum.

Proud vegans can choose from two ranges of watches at the TIVC online store. One is the Kaizen range based on the powerful and inspiring Japanese philosophy which states that continuous improvement is always possible. The other one is the Pinatex range. A patented and innovative material, Pinatex is made from Pineapple leaf fibers. No extra water, land, fertilizer & pesticides are used to produce it.  TIVC is the first company in the world to use Pinatex leather for watch bands.

The company supports 9 great organizations founded on the philosophy to give back to the community, including the likes of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Animals Australia and Sea Shepherd Australia. 20% of the profits for every band sold are donated to a charity whose theme color aligns with the shade of the band you choose.

To know more about TIVC and get yourself a vegan watch, please visit the official website or contact them below.

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