Reverend Joan Bellrichard Finds Happiness and Spiritual Enlightenment After the abuse and Trials

A real story of a woman’s torment, heartbreak and struggles and how she sees more meaning in the eyes of God and those who believe in her

Imagine life with misery, childhood abuse and tribulations; others may dwell on the pains pushing them to depression and some may resort to drugs.  This story sounds almost familiar with Reverend and author Joan Bellrichard in her books, “Unloved Daughter” and “THE NEW ROAD LEADING TO CHRIST.”

In “Unloved Daughter”, Rev. Joan Bellrichard admits that her life isn’t perfect. She started sharing her childhood abuse and how the trauma haunted her everyday walks. That kind of fear almost swallowed her to the point of losing trust to anybody. When she gave herself a chance to lean on somebody and settled down, her abusive marriage tore her apart even more…causing nervous breakdown.

Traveling to holy places helped her seek the gateway to finding directions of her search for answers and hope. In the continuation, The New Road Leading to Christ, she unveils her resurgence as a woman of faith and courage. Her new life after the painful, second divorce opened the door of new beginning.

According to one of the reviews on Amazon, This book is a very succinct reminiscence of Reverend Joan Bellrichard’s past with a very clear message. The memories are written just as one would speak them, which (for me) makes this story that much more relative to my life. Reverend Joan Bellrichard speaks of abuse, depression, neglect, and other difficult subjects, but she doesn’t delve too deeply into them, which enhances the message of this work: God can take away the demons of your past and open up the doors to a happier future.”

Reverend Joan Bellrichard’s honest and straightforward tell-all story reminds the readers that with God, everybody can find the light after the tunnel and there’s always a rainbow after the rain. These books are life-changers and each one has the power to walk with God and let His path lead the way. And she says, “Without Jesus Christ I am weak; with Him I am strong. He is my all.”

Reverend Joan Bellrichard

“Unloved Daughter”

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“The New Road Leading to Christ”

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Reverend Joan Bellrichard began her spiritual enlightenment started in 1993, when she went to Yugoslavia for a pilgrimage. After that, in 2003, she attended a Bible College in Colorado with her husband. They were ordained as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ after graduation.  She and her husband are the founders of Message of the Cross Ministries.

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