Business Consultant Patricia Webber Gave a Well Received Presentation at IIEX Amsterdam

Patricia Webber is an established business consultant who works with international entrepreneurs helping them to build strong foundations and become successful. She recently gave an outstanding presentation at IIEX Amsterdam, Patricia discussed psychometrics in an innovative age of human behaviour.

On her website, Patricia describes herself as, “a highly experienced management consultant who was trained at one of Britain’s leading business management schools.” Patricia has worked with blue chip clients from around the world, she is a member of British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), Institute of Directors (IOD) and The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Professional Speakers Association.

Patricia was recently invited to speak IIEX Amsterdam 2017, at the two-day event which was held in February she gave a presentation discussing psychometrics in an innovative age of human behaviour. The organizers of IIEX Europe say the event offers new thinking, new solutions and new approaches. Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser were among other speakers at the event. IIEX has made all presentation decks available here.

Patricia’s presentation was well received, Zappistore who are a title sponsor of the event and Dogheadsimulations showed particular interest in the talk that Patricia gave. During the talk Patricia discussed how 80% of Fortune 500 and 75% of Times Top 100 companies use psychometric tests to measure the mental ability, aptitude or personality of potential employees.

Patricia made the case that psychometric tests provide employers with a method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion. Patricia said, psychometric tests were a valuable tool that many organizations use to ascertain how well a potential employee would work with others, how well they would be able to handle stress, cope with the intellectual demands of their job, their personality type and emotional or psychological stability.

Patricia rounded up her talk by discussing the five different personality traits that could be identified through the psychometric testing, she gave examples of psychometric tests and there applications.

A PDF version of Patricia’s presentation can be found here.

About Patricia Webber

Patricia is a UK based Global Digital Business Director specializing in psychometric techniques to transform the effectiveness of human behaviour. Experience of working with the leading names in the business world. She trained at Aston Management school working with European and US clients, where she looked at providing a clear, fresh perspective and improved their business performance, working with them on software applications, including C++ software and design tools. She also has a strong knowledge of media market research and analytics.

Currently head of the ‘Psychology for Business’ department within an online research company, understanding and embracing change . A profoundly deep experience in the use of psychometrics, global political thinking and ideology, Patricia is very aware of the current political landscape and the many challenges that politicians, businesses and individuals around the globe now face.

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