Lawson Painting Brings Smoke Damage Repair Service for Homes

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Certified painting service, Lawson Painting introduces smoke damage repair service for residents at affordable rates.

Springfield, Pennsylvania – April 6, 2017 – Lawson Painting, a recognized name in residential and commercial painting service in Wayne PA, offers smoke damage repair for homes damaged due to unforeseen events such as fire or cooking accidents. The company offers their reasonably priced service in Wayne, PA and all along the Main Line.

A spokesperson elucidated, “Despite your best efforts, faulty electrical appliances, kitchen fires, or bad wiring can cause damage to your home.  Cigarette smoke and fires caused by cigarettes are also a common cause of smoke damage in your home. Since this has become a popular concern in many homes today, we thought about offering smoke damage restoration services that’ll be executed by our professionals.”

Smoke damage can cause discoloring and blackening of walls and ceilings, making the interiors of a house quite unpleasant and displeasing. Smoke damage can also leave soot and charring too, which can be treated by professionals. The experts at Lawson Painting will assess and examine the intensity and extent of the damage and will commence the appropriate damage restoration process to bring your home back to form.

Once the smoke or fire is over, the homeowner will have to notify their insurance carrier about the damage caused and take photos of the affected area to furnish as evidence. When done, just contact the professionals at Lawson Painting for damage restoration.

“Getting the restoration process done quickly is of the utmost importance as time is your enemy in fighting the long term impact of smoke damage. The longer smoke smell and residue remain, the more difficult it will be to achieve optimal results. So please contact our experts at the earliest, should you observe smoke damage in your house,” the spokesperson explained.

Lawson Painting is acclaimed for their satisfactory residential and commercial painting services in Malvern PA. Their painters are capable of delivering the best painting experience possible to their clients. The company also offers a free pre-painting review and estimate before beginning the process.   Please be reassured that all products used in preparation and painting are safe and not dangerous to your health.

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Lawson Painting is one of the leading painting services in the Delaware Valley providing both residential and commercial services.

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