4th District LLC joins forces with The Hype Magazine to launch Junketvideos.com, a revolutionary video site catered to the automotive and racing industry

Entertainment industry giants, 4th District LLC recently announced their partnership with the renowned entertainment and lifestyle publication, The Hype Magazine, to launch a new video site designed to expose the underground automotive and racing industry to the masses, along with comedy and music.

Junketvideos.com as the site is called launches in April 2017, serving as a reliable source of high-quality videos on trending news topics in the worlds of automotive sports and related entertainment. The site will be promoted using various marketing methods, with a series of promotional stops in a bid to increase public awareness of the brand.

The site will feature racing videos, videos on new cars and bikes, comedy skits, and music from across the globe, making Junketvideos.com the hub in a growing international community.

The re-fitted Junketvideos site has been in beta testing for several months, with experts from both The Hype Magazine and 4th District LLC, assessing its operation, form, and functionality before the public launch in April.

The internet has become the go-to place for the most reliable information ranging from trending topics to subjects that date back to a long time in history. Junketvideos.com is now uniquely positioned as the leading source for official underground automotive lifestyle videos like Grudge Racing, on the internet.

According to the brains behind this revolutionary innovation, “This is a great site to experience video thrills and excitement from the racing world, lyrical missiles from the underground battle leagues, and independent comedy skits.”

The site creates a balanced and win-win platform for enthusiasts and content creators. While internet users and researchers get to find the most reliable and best quality video on the culture; Junketvideos.com, content creators have the opportunity to reach millions of viewers across the globe.

The platform also allows users to watch and share content with friends over the internet creating communities of engaged and loyal audiences for content creators. Visitors can subscribe to the weekly newsletter for new and trending videos as well as join the conversations by connecting with the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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