ADUPS FOTA is the IoT Terminal Updating Solution

FOTA, as the standard of wireless upgrading intelligent system, is very important in the era of IoT. In our country, the FOTA wireless upgrade technology service provider, represented by Adups, is developing rapidly.

In the case of smart cars, cars have evolved from mechanical products to electronic products. The traditional mechanical parts has been unable to meet the increasing requirements of vehicle performance in user experience, active safety, or fuel economy, etc. that all depend on reliable automotive electronic system. In this case, both to upgrade the user experience or to upgrade the car function, keeping the car system close to FOTA upgrading function is the best choice.

It is reported that as the world’s largest FOTA upgrade wireless service provider for mobile, IoT (Internet of Things), car networking terminal equipment, it provides professional upgrade solutions to FOTA. Intelligent hardware can download upgrade package online through the its own wireless network function or other ways to access the network without need of returning to the factory or customer service. This helps to reduce the cost and improve the user experience.

In addition, Adups FOTA package is smaller and meanwhile it has the functions of breakpoint memory, power-off protection, encryption settings to ensure safe operation and information security in the upgrade process. No matter of the terminal or the cloud, does Adups have strong foundation of technology and service concept to ensure Adups to enter the field of IoT successfully.

The head of Adups said that Adups has been committed to update FOTA. Whether it is a mobile terminal or the Internet of things terminal, the user experience will become a key element of the product. Depending on deep technical accumulation, Adups provides customers with system optimization, equipment management services to help customers achieve more value.

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