Adups FOTA Wireless Upgrading Ensures System Security

Mobile phone security issues raise more attention than ever. The news of ‘Driver China’ on July 13th exposed that MIUI had security bug. Millions of mobile phones would be affected. IBM’s X-Force application security research team found that the old version of MIUI Remote Code Execution had bugs that allow attackers to execute arbitrary code with system user permissions, which could be abused by malicious ROM updating.

On the one hand, mobile phone system security issues happened frequently. On another hand, the system experience of a mobile phone is becoming more and more important. Insiders said nowaday mobile phone hardware has been to the level of redundancy, but the function of software and experience still have a great space for development. In the future, those mobile phone with smooth running system and good security will win the competition in the market.

A fast growing application market, facing more security issues

How to ensure the system is smooth and safe? Mobile phone manufacturers choose to update FOTA system wirelessly.

According to the reports, MIUI 7.2 has used FOTA update to fix the bug. In addition, Samsung also upgraded FOTA of the former generation of mobile phones, which shows the importance of FOTA wireless updating.

Today, regardless of social, shopping, entertainment or work, mobile phone has become an integral part in Internet era. However, while enjoying the convenience, we still face some problems such as privacy, personal data, payment and other security issues.

Mobile phone manufacturers began to realize these problems, they pay more attention to the security. Especially with the popularity of mobile payment, the user’s demand for mobile security is getting higher and higher. On the one hand, we worry about mobile phone virus or Trojan invasion or its own bugs that may cause payment risks; on the other hand, the security problem of consumer information becomes more prominent in the open mobile payment environment.

In this case, experts in the field of mobile phone think that security issues affect the user experience. FOTA upgrading is the most effective way to fix and optimize the security issues.

Professional FOTA update provide protection for system secuity

In order to ensure the secure transmission of information in the process of upgrading, Adups FOTA has taken a variety of means of encryption algorithm, asymmetric encryption algorithm, and the user data storage encryption (RC4) to protect the core data. Meanwhile, it uses identification, IP address filtering, and other measures to prevent external attacks.

When the latest version of update were launched to clients, the third party security signature. After public key is encrypted, upload to the Adups FOTA server through private encryption algorithm; The server will download the file to the client terminal through a secure link, and then the client terminal conducts integrity operation, signature verification and private key to upgrade. At the same time, to ensure the stability of the server, Adups has professional teams to monitor the server 24/7, add warning mechanism, reinforce server, and firewall equipment regularly.

When ensuring the security of upgrading, Adups FOTA wireless upgrade use the LZMA compression algorithm. This leading OTA package technology makes the upgrade package smaller and more efficient. Also, in the process of upgrading, Adups uses the power-off protection and intelligent reduction mechanism to ensure the smooth upgrading.

As the world’s leading provider of FOTA wireless upgrade technology, Adups provides a full range of the system upgrading service to hardware cross platforms and terminals. At present, Adups provides one-stop FOTA wireless upgrading service to chip providers, solution providers. And it also provides services to mobile terminal, car networking equipment and IoT networking equipment.

According to the head of Adups, the system upgrading are essential to smart phones, smart cars and other IoT devices. It repairs security issues for old version, and also adds new features and enhance the experience to the system by upgrading.

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