Fancy Jewel Straps For Bras: Fashion or Over-sexualization of Teenage Girls?

New scam to rip off thousands of teenage girls has been exposed: Beware of this fraud

April 6, 2017 – Jewel Straps, a new ‘innovation’ in women’s underwear has been creating a hype on the social media with thousands of women falling for it. With one company even seeking public support to raise funds on Kickstarter. The scam is just another way to over-sexualize young women and will be a major addition in objectifying of women around the world. The company claims to end the problems women face while wearing strapless bras and their solution is to sell fancy chains that will act as bra straps.

“Not only is this accessory pointless, but also quite offensive.” said Linda, a mother and a grandmother from Charlotte, North Carolina while speaking about Jewel Straps. “As a mother of two young women, I find it really offensive and insulting for all the daughters of the United States to wear these chains around their shoulders as it would over sexualize them like nothing else.” she added. Linda along with several other women has opposed these bra straps openly on social media.

The effects that Jewel Straps would have on the over-sexualization of teenage girls can be devastating. Teenagers and high school girls are going to want to wear these jewel straps and this will create many complications in the society as these straps are meant to expose their bodies. It will be too attention grabbing as the cleavage and majority of the chest area is going to be exposed while wearing these. Moreover, it will cause a major distraction in school, causing cases of sexual assault as well as harassment.

For perverts, the straps are going to give them a reason to be more perverted. The companies seeking supports and donations from women should be ashamed of themselves for fooling young girls with such unreasonable product that can bring no good to anyone’s life. Moreover, it is also very offensive to elderly women as well as women with big breasts that cannot be contained in a strapless bra of any size. Mothers need to watch out for their daughters at all times and prevent them from using such products, regardless of how tempting it can be. 

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