Simple Recon Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill, Offering Direct Inventory Updates for Managers and Owners

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – 6 Apr, 2017 – Simple Recon is delighted to reveal that the company’s Amazon Alexa Skill is now available to clients all over the world. Simple Recon is a trusted name amongst the automobile dealerships for their top-rated software for the tracking of used vehicle reconditioning process. The company strongly believes that their integration with Amazon Alexa Skill will make lives easier for managers looking to receive quick and reliable inventory updates.

Simple Recon has designed their Amazon Alexa Skill with the intension of improving the tracking process for inventory management. While designing this free app/skill, the company’s primary area of focus was to make it easier for the managers to receive updates related to the most critical departments and the dealership’s performance.

Making use of Alexa, the dealerships will now be able to request a list of their top five departments with the maximum inventory for reconditioning. A comprehensive, inventory wise list of different departments can also be obtained. Moreover, the managers will have quick access to the previous day’s completed or assigned work summary and a detailed list of automobiles lying behind schedule in terms of progress of work.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of using this new technology to connect managers with their department and their performance,” said Smit Shah, Founder of Simple Recon. “Access to inventory status and department information is an important component of each dealer’s goal to turn inventory faster. As we move towards becoming an increasingly digital society, it’s important that we provide solutions that match the way dealers access information and do business, and in this case that means voice reports.”

To help dealers get a hands-on experience with this technology, Simple Recon will be presenting at Booth 741 in Tampa from 11th thru the 13th at the Digital Dealer conference.

For more information on how it works, you can also check out videos on Simple Recon’s website at:

Availability and pricing:

The Alexa skill is available in all countries Amazon Alexa is available and users can add the Alexa skill for free by searching for “Simple Dealer Suite” skill and adding it to their Alexa enabled device.

Dealerships can sign-up for one month’s free trial by visiting:

This free trial period can be enjoyed without any long term contract, set-up fee, or using any credit card.

About Simple Recon:

Simple Recon helps dealerships reduce their inventory’s time to market by providing an easy to use, cloud based, turnkey reconditioning process tracking software. It helps owners, general managers and managers track their department’s performance against company expectations. Additionally, it helps automate the notification and follow up within the dealership as well as with external vendors saving the dealership time and eliminating paperwork.

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