WICHITA, KS – 6 Apr, 2017 – The year is 1977. Jimmy Carter is the White House, wearing a sweater. “Star Wars” debuts in theaters. Elvis dies.

And then something really big happens: Apple Computer company introduces its first product and iconic logo – a gaily striped apple that’s missing a bite.

It’s all enough to make a person nostalgic, even if you weren’t alive at the time.

Now you can swing like the ’70s with the Apple Retro Wrap from Slickwraps, featuring the original Apple logo. This vintage vinyl wrap is available for a limited time at the throwback price of $19.84.

Like all Slickwraps skins, it’s made in the USA, easy to install and offers your iPhone protection from scratching in the most stylish way possible – in this case, with a tribute to one of the most influential tech companies ever.

Think about it. The Mac, iMac, iPod, iBook, MacBook, Apple Store, iTunes. And then a decade ago, in 2007, Apple introduces the iPhone, forever redefining what we think of as a “phone.”

The Apple Retro Wrap is lightweight and durable, with an understated matte finish and – most importantly – that groovy logo. The Apple Retro Wrap fits the iPhone7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S/SE.

Now that we’ve got all those technical details out of the way, take this quiz to see how much you know about 1977, the year that launched Apple. The answers are at the bottom. Get at least 19 right – or about 77 percent – and you deserve a Golden Apple.


1.) Who did Jimmy Carter pardon in one of his first acts as president?
2.) What TV show tracing African America history takes the country by storm?
3.) What band wins an Emmy with its alBum “Rumours”?
4.) What spacecraft makes its first test flight?
5.) What operatic tenor makes his American television debut on PBS?
6.)  What Catholic university wins the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball championship?
7.) What Canadian city gets a major league baseball team?
8.) What restaurant chain catering to children opens its first location?
9.) What famous ride opens at Disneyland?
10.) What former actress becomes famous for her anti-gay “Save Our Children” crusade?
11.) What large European nation holds its first democratic elections in more than four decades?
12.) Women are integrated into what branch of the U.S. military for the first time?
13.) What British female tennis player wins Wimbledon?
14.) What hip-shaking singer performs his last concert?
15.) What U.S. city experiences a blackout that leads to looting and other crime?
16.) A flood in what U.S. city kills more than 75 people?
17.) The “Gang of Four” refers to what?
18.) What legendary British band plays its last show in America (at least with its original lineup)?
19.) President Carter signs legislation creating what new agency?
20.) What famous killer is captured in New York City?
21.) The United States relinquishes control of what famous passageway?
22.) What notorious British punk band releases its first album?
23.) What soccer player, considered by many the greatest of all time, plays his last game?
24.) What city elects the first openly gay mayor?
25.) What movie’s release fuels the disco craze?


1.) Vietnam War draft evaders
2.) “Roots”
3.) Fleetwood Mac. Blame the title’s funny spelling on the fact that they’re British.
4.) The Space Shuttle
5.) Luciano Pavarotti
6.) Marquette
7.) Toronto
8.) Chuckie Cheeses. And kids birthday parties were never the same.
9.) Space Mountain
10.) Anita Bryant
11.) Spain, after 40 years of the Franco regime
12.) The Marines
13.) Virginia Wade
14.) Elvis Presley, just four months before his 1977 death.
15.) New York City
16.) Johnstown, Penn.
17.) Chinese Communist leaders involved in power struggle
18.) Led Zeppelin
19.) The Department of Energy, created in response to the oil crisis
20.) David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam
21.) The Panama Canal (although the transfer to Panama didn’t become fully effective until Dec. 31, 1999).
22.) Sex Pistols
23.) Pele
24.) San Francisco, which elects Harvey Milk (who’s later killed in office)
25.) “Saturday Night Fever”

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