Church App Design Company, Apollo Apps, Partners With ChurchSpring Website Builder

DALLAS, TX – 6 Apr, 2017 – Apollo Apps LLC has become the leading church app provider for churches across America. Their unique approach to the church app process is what draws churches to choose their platform above other church app providers.

“When I started Apollo Apps, I asked myself, what’s missing in the church app world? We found there were two major things missing: a truly custom designed church app and even more important, one on one care for your church. Every church is different, and has different needs.” ~ Jonathan Bodnar, CEO, Owner, Apollo Apps LLC

Sticking to their mission of saving churches time and money while growing church engagement on a personal level, Apollo Apps has partnered with ChurchSpring to offer an even more customized church engagement experience.

ChurchSpring offers an incredibly simple church website builder, along with custom services. According to Rohn Gibson, the company’s Co-Founder and President, they are most passionate about “discipleship and our commitment to growing the local church for the glory of Christ. We believe that we can utilize technology to aide in that mission. ChurchSpring is home to the most intuitive, affordable, frustration-free church websites on the planet.”

ChurchSpring’s platform is growing rapidly and they are always refining their tools to better serve the church. The biggest benefit to choosing ChurchSpring for your church website is that their platform is geared 100% to a church, so you only pay for what you really need and the tools presented are truly tailored to you.

Both companies have a goal to make church engagement easy and seamless. Which is why they will begin integrating their platforms to better serve the local church. Now, for the first time ever, a church will be able to have an app and website platform that work seamlessly together.

To find out more about the ChurchSpring and Apollo Apps partnership visit:

To find out more about getting a custom church app for your church click here ( ) or call 800.577.0256 for more information.

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