A New Technology Could Change the Whiskey Industry Indefinitely

AUSTIN, TX – 6 Apr, 2017 – Two Austin engineers are set to disrupt the whiskey industry in a sustainability effort. Their new technology matures whiskey without barrels, leaving the environment and ecosystems intact.

For centuries the whiskey industry has been cutting down trees to make barrels. Austonian Whiskey’s technology replicates the advantages of barrel aging while using just a fraction of the natural resources. This new technology preserves old growth oak forests and the wildlife within them.

President and founder Lawrence Sasso provided some insight into their process: “We wanted to learn how to harness the maturing effects that barrels have on spirits, so that we could have significantly less impact on the environment and still create a great tasting, smooth whiskey that people would enjoy. Our process is more than just adding wood to whiskey. The technology we invented replicates a phenomenon which occurs when whiskey is left in a barrel for an extended period of time. We came across something completely new. It allows us to make a great product that’s better for the environment and reasonably priced. We do still use wood, but so much less that if everyone in America were to switch to our whiskey the impact on the environment and wildlife could be huge.”

Although Lawrence couldn’t get into the specifics of how they mature whiskey, he was clear that Austonian Whiskey will stick to their sustainable culture, and have no intention on slowing down. As one could imagine, not all whiskey makers will be happy to hear about this disruption. Lawrence noted this thought had crossed his mind, “We just want to give people an option to enjoy whiskey with less impact on the environment. There are some customers who aren’t even aware of the current damage being done.”

Austonian Whiskey will be available in Austin in the spring of 2017, and statewide later this year. The suggested retail price is $29.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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