New Incufridge Pro Chilling Incubator Makes Waves in Hollywood

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 6 Apr, 2017 – Revolutionary Science’s new Incufridge Professional line of laboratory chilling incubators have become a regular prop on the CBS hit TV show, Zoo. The new product line released in 2016 is unique in that it has a touch screen, color display, keyed lock, WiFi capability and is all solid state cooling and heating thermoelectrics. The TV show’s bio tech laboratory is central to the plot of the story. The decision of CBS to use the Incufridge on the set’s bio tech laboratory is due to the product’s state of the art features.

“We chose RevSci products. The environment is a state-of-the-art bio tech laboratory and the Incufridge fits the mood we were creating on the set.” states Deb Cole, Specialty Product Placement Consultant for ZOO/CBS. The device is user friendly and the actors have shown no difficulty in comprehending the user interface.

“One of the strongest benefits of the new Incufridge product line,” states Isaac Erickson from Revolutionary Science “is that it has a broader temperature range than all of our competitors chilling incubators of 1 to 75 degrees Celsius. In addition, we are the only chilling incubator that is fashioned with a color touch screen, Ethernet and WiFi. The WiFi and Ethernet connections allow the user to monitor the device’s temperature from a computer, tablet or cell phone.”

Due to the product’s broad temperature range, the Incufridge Chilling Incubator can heat and cool to specific temperatures allowing it to handle scientific applications like, Protein Crystallography, growing C. Elegan worms, bacterial reactions, BOD testing and even growing thermophiles. As seen in the product’s promotional video, the stainless steel lined Incufridge Pro comes in multiple sizes and not only has IoT capability, but is the only chilling incubator that has a color touch screen and a keyed lock for sample security.

About Revolutionary Science

In 1999, Revolutionary Science was founded after the birth of the company’s first micro centrifuge. Years later, Revolutionary Science designs and manufactures chilling incubators, centrifuges, autoclaves, automated cell and colony counters and laboratory water baths.

Registered with the FDA and ISO, Revolutionary Science is a Minnesotan company dedicated to the manufacturing of precision life science, sterilization and biotechnology equipment in the USA.

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