Exoband V2.0: The Ultimate Phone Holder is Coming Soon

Tariustar is Making Your Handsfree Life Simpler & Awesome

Bangalore, India – April 6, 2017 – Tariustar Pvt. Ltd has proudly announced the release of their all new Exoband V2.0. The announcement was made by company’s Founder Mr. Abel John who has previously made huge contributions by introducing some of the most amazing and coolest gadgets for the lovers of technology and adventure. Alongside adventure lovers, UberMOTOR and other Smartphone based bike taxi services can also use this band with ease and practicality.

“Exoband V2.0 is a great news for all the outdoor enthusiasts including trekkers, joggers, runners, cyclists, bikers and all the daredevils out there who like to capture their actions with safety and quality.” Said Abel John, the founder of Tariustar Pvt. Ltd. “We are welcoming all the smartphone users, tech/gadgets lovers, Go-Pro enthusiasts and adventurists to come and check this band out,” said Sreya Kumar. Sreya is the co-founder of the company and she is also involved in the development of this band.

The Exoband V2.0 is an amazing gadget designed to hold all the phones and is not only practical but also durable as well as versatile in its applications. The company is also seeking generous public support for this project by crowdfunding it on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone for their generous support. Alongside Mr. John and Sreya, Naveen is also involved in the designing of this band being the lead designer at Tariustar.

Not only will this bike mount hold, wristband like band will help the drivers and riders save time but will also save them risk of accident. Normally, people have to reach out to their pocket to get their smartphone for navigational purposes but this new armband will have their phone on wrist all the time. Without any doubt, it is the ultimate phone holder for everyone in all situations and surroundings. In order to make this project a reality, Abel, Sreya, Naveen and the rest of their team is seeking public support on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to contribute generously and help them reach their goal within two months.

For more information and generous contributions for Exoband V2.0, please click the following link:


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