Tailors’ Keep Of San Francisco Announces Custom Suits And Garments

San Francisco, CA Tailors’ Keep, a San Francisco shop known for their custom tailoring and garment creation, is the answer to the area’s need for a unique, upscale clothing retailer. The company offers tailoring services that help local residents preserve and update family heirlooms, as well as create custom pieces, including wedding dresses. Tailors’ Keep serves the identity conscious and style curious of the area, and aims to develop distinct pieces at reasonable prices.

“Our mission at Tailors’ Keep is to create clothing that moves with a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” explains the company spokesman, Ryan Devens. “The bespoke clothing industry is all about individually patterned and crafted men’s clothing, much like women’s haute couture. Unlike mass-manufactured and ready-to-wear clothing, bespoke clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern that has been specially created for the customer. As members of the bespoke clothing industry, we strive to give each of our clients a unique quality piece that pairs well with the style of the individual.”

Nestled at the heart of the Jackson Square Financial District, Chinatown and North Beach, Tailor’s Keep’s location is able to hone its methods to appeal to more individuals and expose them to a creative way of mixing business and culture. It physically represents passion-fueled craft; because for them, ideas without passion are shallow and passion without ideas is selfish. While generally more expensive than made-to-measure clothing, which is created from a general block pattern for each client, bespoke clothing is also generally crafted with a higher quality of construction.

The custom fit of bespoke clothing is a powerful incentive for those with unusual measurements, as well as individuals looking for unique articles of clothing or custom tailoring of existing fabrics. Tailors’ Keep in San Francisco creates custom fit clothing that transcends dates, allowing the wearer to own a piece of clothing that not only meets their specific style needs, but that can be worn time and time again for years to come. Well known for their ability to work closely with each of their clients in order to create a custom piece or alteration, Tailors’ Keep is a highly rated bespoke clothing shop in the Bay Area.

Following the completion of a unique garment, Tailors’ Keep offers free seam repair for 12 months and limited cosmetic garment alterations up to 3 months. This, as well as their initial garment creation process, has made the company a reliable and sought out source for a number of tailoring endeavors. As this medium of constructing and wearing clothes continues to become the more favorable approach to other clothing creation and alteration processes, companies like Tailors’ Keep continue to grow, allowing them to expand their services.

When searching for unique and stylish garments, visit Tailor’s Keep at their stylish brick and mortar at 618 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 or call them at 415-400-5671.

Their collection of clothes that feature the depth of shapes, colors, contemporary fashion or custom styles can also be checked out at their website, which also displays item prices and style guides. Visit their Google+ page as well for more information.

Media Contact
Company Name: Tailor’s Keep
Contact Person: Ryan Devens
Email: sayhey@tailorskeep.com
Phone: 415-400-5671
Address:618 Washington Street
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States
Website: http://www.tailorskeep.com/