ECX Electronics announces a new product to be used in the automotive industry.

FLORIDA, USA – ECX Electronics Corp, an electronic manufacturing company is excited to announce the release of their product to the general public. This company is involved in the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive industries and some of their electronic products include; Programmable Logic Controllers, Displays, HVAC Controllers, Programmable Timers, Open Door/Oxygen Indicators, Clock/Elapsed Time Indicators, and much more.

The Open Door Indicator / Oxygen / Voltage / Current Indicator and Alarm is one of the company’s automation products that function in several ways for the automotive industry. Its system module shows the status of all the doors in the vehicle (open/close) as well as an indication of the oxygen tank pressure, battery voltage level and alternator current. This product has a built-in audible alarm, included to indicate an abnormal open door or low oxygen pressure or voltage condition.

The Open Door Indicator / Oxygen / Voltage / Current Indicator and Alarm is made up of 12 Digital Inputs and 3 Analog Inputs. Two additional digital outputs are provided (Ground activation) to energize external relays and perform other customer-specified control functions. All inputs can be factory or customer programmed to become active when a 12V or Ground signal is applied to them.

Other technical characteristics of this electronic product are: Low input current requirement for digital signals (under 10 mA), Low key-off current drain, large design safety factors for reliable operation, Simple plug-in connection of all control and power wiring.

About ECX Electronic Corp

ECX Electronics Corp is a design and manufacturing company specializing in solid state multiplex control systems, displays and relay boards that are engineered to perform all the electrical functions required in emergency, recreational, and industrial vehicles in a manner that is cost effective, flexible, and reliable.

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