Felix Gray Now Offering Stylish Computer Glasses

New York, NY – With today’s workforce leaning more towards the usage of computers and mobile devices in order to complete daily tasks, there has been an increase in reports of eye strain, headaches, and more. More than 60% of all Americans report symptoms of digital eye strain. To combat the effects of this health concern, Felix Gray has announced a line of non-prescription and reading glasses that help to filter out blue light, resulting in fewer headaches and a decrease in eye fatigue.

“More than 43% of Americans now work in jobs that require extended periods of computer usage, resulting in additional eyestrain, blurry vision, and even headaches,” reports company representative, Chris Benedict, CMO. “But less than 10% of these individuals have tried computer glasses as a solution for these recurring issues. The idea behind Felix Gray is to create stunning and fashionable eyewear that is also more functional than traditional glasses when it comes to reducing glare from computer screens and handheld devices to fight against computer vision syndrome. Our lenses are made with a special EMI coating that works like an anti-reflective coating that also reduces the static glare of digital devices.”

Eyestrain, blurriness, and headaches from extensive use of computers is caused by high levels of blue light. Blue light rests at the high end of the visible light spectrum, and studies show that repeated exposure to such light can also lead to poor sleep habits, thanks to a suppression of melatonin secretion. Lenses from Felix Gray are designed to fully filter the most dangerous range of blue light, 400-440 nm. However, the company understands that some blue light actually provides the body with benefits, leading them to craft lenses that allow the beneficial range of blue light (440-500 nm) to enter the eyes.

A project still in the Beta testing phase, having raised their goal of $18,000 through their campaign on indiegogo.com, Felix Gray has produced a series of five fashionable frame styles, which each come in a range of colors and patterns. Although still testing the effectiveness of their new lenses, the company has already been receiving positive feedback on their products. The reduction in glare and filtering of blue light is perfect for individuals who spend 8 hours or more on computers, tablets, or smartphones, from college students and sales professionals to graphic designers and marketing specialists. The full line of Felix Gray lenses can be seen here.

Felix Gray is an online frame and lenses provider, headquartered at 500 7th Ave, Floor 17A in New York, New York 10018.

The company can be reached by phone at (646) 580-5207 or from their website.

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