Devil Age is Featured by Google Play and Releases New Update

Games publisher Proficient City has announced today that Devil Age, its strategic MMORPG featuring action card game elements, is a Google Play-featured app in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Devil Age is Featured by Google Play and Releases New Update 

In Devil Age, the player assumes the role of an unexpected hero who must free fellow demons from the reign of cruel gods. The game is available for download from Google Play or play the PC version on Facebook Gameroom. 
An iOS version of the game will be released in the near future.

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New Update Details

Devil Age’s latest game update adds the King’s Trial dungeon and upgraded daily events such as Treasure Digging and Capture Rewards. There are also additional wing types to make players more powerful.

The King’s Trial dungeon tasks players to face off against mirror images of “The Big Three” bosses by ascending the Tower of Trials. Challengers that defeat The Big Three will receive special rewards.

King’s Trial dungeon rewards include:

• Lucifer’s Trial: Basic Ice Zircon, Normal Ice Zircon, Advance Ice Zircon, Top Ice Zircon

• Diablo’s Trial: Basic Wind Zircon, Normal Wind Zircon, Advance Wind Zircon, Top Wind Zircon

• Lena’s Trial: Basic Fire Zircon, Normal Fire Zircon, Advance Fire Zircon, Top Fire Zircon 

King’s Trial rewards can be used to awaken a hero’s inner Demon, which alters the hero’s appearance and increases attributes. King’s Trial is also the third Devil Age dungeon – joining Trio and Three-headed Dragon – to offer cross-server support, thereby enabling teams to be formed with players from different game servers.

The improved Treasure Digging and Capture Rewards for Daily Events now gives the player a chance to receive better rewards, like an advanced Summon Book or Gems, when completing events.

The additional Wing types that have been added with the new update can be earned when a player reaches level 36. With a total of eight upgrade levels, each Wing upgrade grants increased power and a unique appearance and attribute to the player.

A Devil Bond Recommendation feature is another updated feature addition: When the player chooses a devil, the game will now recommend two other devils that are the best matches to formulate a team.

About Devil Age

300 years ago, three Devil Kings created the Abyss with the Blood Essence of the Gods. The Devils gathered and secretly grew their power, but the Gods discovered the Abyss and exposed the plot. Leading thousands of soldiers in an attack, the Gods seized the Blood Essence from the Devil Kings, and the Abyss was sealed. Now, a mysterious raging power has broken the seal and a new Devil King must rise.

Devil Age is a strategic MMORPG and action card game where the player is an aggressive, cold-hearted devil who must summon other devils to battle for freedom from vindictive Gods. The game offers a journey of non-stop action with amazing graphics and dark character designs. Lead devils against the Gods’ servants: defeat the Valkyrie, hunt the Phoenix, challenge the angels, and finally, release Satan himself!

Please visit the @DevilAgeOnline Facebook page for more information about Devil Age.

Additional Game Features

Build an Army of Evil: More than 80 devils available with more constantly being added to the game.

Battle Formation System: Strategically select team formations that exploit enemy weaknesses.

Elemental Magic: Unleash the forces of Fire, Water, and Wind to disrupt an opponent’s skills.

Challenging Dungeons: Explore and battle through multiple dungeons to grow power and obtain special rewards.

About Proficient City

Proficient City, a subsidiary of Game Hollywood, is an industry-leading online and mobile games publisher based in Guangzhou, China. Founded in 2011, the company has extensive experience localizing China-sourced games for global markets. Proficient City was awarded the 2015 Zheng He Prize for Best Overseas Mobile Games Publisher and recognized as China’s top performer in market share and income for browser games published abroad in 2014. The company’s games line-up includes hit titles like DDTankOmega Zodiac, WartuneEternal Fury, and EpicX.

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