City Wide Exterminating Serves as Preferred Pest Control Service in Charlotte

Locust, NC – The family-owned and operated pest and termite control business, City Wide Exterminating, performs a variety of extermination services for individuals across the city of Charlotte. As a company that has been operating in the area since 2000, the team of experienced professionals works to provide customers with affordable and environmentally responsible solutions to any number of pest problems they may be experiencing in their homes.

Pests in the local area can range from pesky mosquitos to larger insects, and even to rodents that can be intimidating for homeowners to exterminate or get rid of on their own. However, not all pest control companies are equipped or experienced in working with a variety of pest problems, and may offer only one or two services with little consideration of affordability or solutions that will prioritize the safety of the customer’s home. From termites to rats, homeowners can never be sure what infestation they may expect to face, but when it comes to finding a quality service to reach out to for aid, it can be important to find a company that is experienced in dealing with a wide range of pests.

Due to their extensive experience in dealing with many pests and wildlife in the area, City Wide Exterminating has become a preferred service for homeowners to turn to for pest control assistance. The Charlotte NC pest control company is equipped with the knowledge and tools to face several pest issues head-on, while keeping the needs of each individual customer and the safety of their homes in mind.In addition to serving the greater Charlotte area, the company also works with residents in Concord NC, as well as Albemarle, Waxhaw, Weddington, Locust and Matthews/Mint Hill.

Beyond the usual termites and pest control in Charlotte NC, City Wide Exterminating additionally offers quality services pertaining to the management of mosquitos, wildlife removal, rodent control, as well as moisture control and encapsulation. By prioritizing both the quality of their services and customer satisfaction, the exterminating team works with each customer to ensure that their needs are met individually at prices affordable to them. In addition, the company endeavors to use products that are environmentally-responsible for a solution that is friendly to both customers as well as the livelihood of the natural city.

“I’ve turned to this team whenever I’ve had pests in my home,” one past customer says, “and they always prove themselves to be a reliable and professional service.”

Working to keep every home in the area pest-free, the family-owned City Wide Exterminating team has become the preferred pest, termite, and rodent control service to turn to for individuals needing affordable, expert pest services.

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