The Palm Beach Party Scene hits the Kraviz Center with a Celebutante Extravaganza


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – 7 Apr, 2017 – For those of you who have ever watched MTV’s #MySuperSweetSixteen, the Jewish culture has a similar affair that lights up the stage like a #BrittanySpears concert. When a young lady becomes a woman between the ages of 12-13, they often partake in a religious experience that is followed by a festive gala (Boys have one too at age 13 known as a ‘Mitzvah’). This notoriety in the community has slowly crept up to star-studded status in recent years, with celebrity entertainers, and over the top decor that transports you into the next millenium.

From draping to DJ’s, these families know how to live large, and the crews that build the dramatic #broadway style sets for these young adults with themes of New York City, Alice in Wonderland, Sports Arenas and other whimsical concepts are the glue that holds the gala together. Celebrity Event Planning and Production Team, #TheEventGroup is probably one of the pinnacles of professional party planning.

This team comprised of Joel Clendenin and partner Philip Bregman put on an outrageous affair that is second to none. The crew known as #TheBoys go heavy often pulling all-nighters to impress their clients with surprise features that can incluse anything from a cascading chocolate waterfall to an interactive media stage where the likes of celebrity entertainers have graced their clients’ presents. More often than not, these are the parties the every day reality TV watcher only dreams about, and hanging with these celebs? It’s just part of the deal. However, there are two things that go unnoticed at these elegant extravaganzas, first who is behind the scene when it comes to the decor, the stilt walkers, the aerialists, the top pop artists and brathing life into ‘just and idea for a party’. And second, who IS the party for? Many fail to recognize that these are not ‘spoiled, wealthy’ members of Generation Z that simply want to flaunt famously. Many of these children are growing up to become world leaders, financial advisors, attorneys, physicians, #Broadway stars. Many of them have parents and grandparents who immigratd to this country in the hopes of achiving the #AmericanDream.

For the party coming up this Saturday evening at the Kraviz Center, the family is a pillar of philanthropy and dedication to making a world a better place, and the daughter who is celebrating is no less an example of grace, good looks, and a great head on her shoulders. The young lady’s family made it’s way into #SuperSweetSixteen status by pioneering and furthering developmental medicine in one of the biggest battles our society faces today, Cancer. There is something to be said for those worldy teachings and inspirations passed on through kin. It appears this is common with many #Jewishfamilies today, where their children celebrate big but they achieve even bigger. 

For companies like #TheEventGroup who play the silent partner in the strategy for success, their work does not go unnoticed on the #hush from other celebrity and press that have used and buzzed about them. Long hours of state-of-the-art technological prep such as video mapping, and fully customizable sets that can breathe fire if asked, this is the #TopPartyPlanningCompany in South Florida, and they rock every event with detail and dedication like no other. I’d be hardpressed to find another crew that could match their expertise, design, and creativity in even all of Florida.

This company competes with some pretty heavy hitters and outshines every time with #Customdecor and #CustomWeddings, and #Customevents. They even inspire and build creatively for Miami Music Festivals, and Philanthropic Galas.

Looks like the #Mitzvah client and #TheEventGroup have something in common; dedication, ethics, super smarts, and a damn good sense of #HowToThrowAParty in #PalmBeach. 

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