Minnesota Author challenges “Power of Positive thinking” and reveals the awareness of “Negative Thinking” is the key to freedom from fear

Readers learn the source of their fears, take control of their lives and achieve greater success and satisfaction

Fear is one of the main factors that suppresses the human spirit and prevents people from achieving true potentials. Without fear, many people would create great things that will give them satisfaction and change the world. Minnesota author, Sam S. Nath announces the launch of his new book “Fear”: A Fiction of the mind’. The book brings a fresh insight into the concept of fear and how it contributes in diminishing the human spirit. It explains methods of identifying the cause of fear and turn it into a motivating factor. It also teaches readers to be inspired and take action in spite of fear, learn how fear affects the mind, create a life under their control, and remember the power of their potentials.

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“I am glad my new book has a potential to help people escape their fear trap and live a life of no regrets. Too many people are being limited by their fears; they make daily decisions by what they fear and not living their true potentials. The book offers readers opportunity to examine their life, found out what brings fear and overcome it using proven practical methods,” said Sam Nath, the author.   He continues, “This is not a book about truth but self-inquiry. Finding love and experiencing empowerment is a by-product of your inevitable discovery of who you truly are. My hypothesis is that you are already LOVED, you are already POWERED, and you are already FREE. When you travel on this journey of exploration with me, you will discover this in your own experience”.

The book is written for a purpose that all people are empowered to live a life free from fear and suffering.  The book deals with the Paradox that we are both fearful and powerful.  We can live our lives believing that we create our fears or that our fears are given to us by the circumstances of life. If we can recognize that fears are self-created, in fact, that life is self-created, then the purpose of the book is complete. Once it is understood that we create fears, we can make a choice to live in fear or live in power. As long as we keep believing that our fears are created by others, we will have to wait for others to stop causing our fears. Although neither paradigm is the truth, we do have the option to live with the paradigm that empowers us and enables us to create our own life.

This book illustrates how to live an empowered life by comprehending the rules of the survival game—and then the game can be played with power and with awareness. The game can be enjoyed for what it is—just a game. We shall move from an automated game to the Game of Choice, from the Game of Slavery to the Game of Freedom, and from the Game of Struggle to the Game of Joy. Moreover, we shall learn to love life despite the temporary setbacks. This book has been written to help you understand the rules of the game to be able to lead a life complete with freedom, productivity, and creativity.

You are already very powerful. You just need to unleash that power from within.

“A wonderfully inspiring book about living without fear and taking chances on yourself. I loved the tone it takes on, and I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. The biggest lesson to be learned: fear is something we create. And this book teaches you how to look past it and see the opportunity in everything,” said Emily R, a fan.

Outcomes of the book
Be inspired to take action in spite of fear.
Learn about your fears and how they affect you.
Create a life that gives you control of your destiny.
Remember your potential is great!
Allow insight to empower yourself.
Take responsibility for your life. You are in control

About Sam S. Nath

Sam S. Nath combines eastern and western philosophies  to publish highly effective solution to overcoming fear of the mind. In his writing, he offers his readers an opportunity to look inwards, find their powers and unleash their potentials. He believes that awareness about the genesis of  fear is the secret to achieving higher potentials.

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