Kuester Management Group Shares Strategies for More Effective HOA Board Meetings

Kuester Management Group provides insight on how to keep HOA meetings shorter and on track to boost productivity.

Board meetings can be a source of stress in the HOA if they are typically long and disorganized. This can deter members from attending and take focus away from important business. Having proper policies and procedures in place can help the Board keep meetings moving forward in a more orderly fashion and take action on issues. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press detailing tips for more effective meetings.

“Inefficient board meetings not only waste time, they waste money,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “When quorum isn’t met or decisions are not made in a timely manner, this can exacerbate problems and keep progress from being made. It means that additional meeting must be scheduled and votes are delayed. When meetings are short, focused, and productive, this encourages more engagement from members and moves the community in a positive direction.”

Kuester recommends providing as much notice as possible for upcoming meetings and trying to schedule them during a time that is convenient for more people. If meetings on a Friday evening tend to have low turnout, perhaps a Monday evening or Saturday morning would work better. Not meeting quorum means meeting must be rescheduled. Send out reminders as the date approaches and ensure that homeowners know the proper procedures for having issues added to the agenda.

Remember – if a topic is not on the agenda, it cannot be acted on. Creating a manageable agenda and distributing it ahead of time allows board members and homeowners to prepare in advance and know which topics will be discussed. Stick to the agenda and avoid too much tangential conversation. Getting off topic can stretch meetings longer than necessary. In addition, if the board seems to be in agreement on their decision, move to voting instead of carrying out more discussion. If there are too many topics on the proposed agenda, bump less pressing issues to the next meeting.

Implementing a standard format, expectations, and procedures can also keep things running smoothly, notes Kuester. This ensures that everyone knows what to expect and how meetings are conducted. If there is an open forum portion, limit speaking time to two or three minutes per person so that one person does not dominate the meeting. The board should acknowledge member concerns but cannot take action if the topic is not on the agenda. They can encourage homeowners to follow established guidelines for formally submitting ideas or concerns.

“When there is order, routine, and clear expectations, it can keep meetings on track and reduce risk of dragging issues out,” says Kuester. “The board can bring up a topic, discuss, vote, and move toward taking necessary action. No one likes to sit through hours-long meetings, so put procedures in place to boost efficiency and effectiveness.” Kuester Management Group assists HOAs with staying organized, disseminating communications, and streamlining operations when it comes to board meetings and other processes.

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