The Detailing Syndicate, Houston – TX, Takes Its Mobile Auto Detailing Services Nationwide

Houston, TX – Finding the perfect place to get automobiles detailed, and maintained to perfection requires a lot more than just choosing the nearest shop and settling for whatever services they happen to offer. From washing, to waxing, and even shampooing, one should leave the detailing to professionals for the best results.  The Detailing Syndicate is one such mobile auto detailing company in Houston, TX, that excels in offering top tier detailing services.

The Detailing Syndicate, as indicated by their representative Jeff Barnes, “is now expanding nationwide to put people together with the top mobile auto detailing providers in their local area.” This mobile car detailing company provides premium services through their professionally trained and experienced contractors. Their eye for detail and commitment to excellence is something that can be readily seen in the results they produce.

The Detailing Syndicate offers three main detailing packages for their private and corporate clients. ‘The Showroom Package’, ‘The Gold Package’ and ‘The Monthly Express’. First, their  ‘Showroom’ signature package, is designed to take a vehicle and elevate its aesthetics to a ‘car show’ condition. The full gamut of protective treatments also keeps it looking in top shape. Jeff adds, “The showroom package is something we recommend as a once or twice per year treatment.”

The second ‘Gold Package’ “is perfect every two or three months as a way of maintaining the condition achieved with our showroom plan, with the gold package you don’t get the protective treatments as it would be overkill”. Their final ‘monthly express’ package is a weekly wash and wax subscription which in their own words “cost effectively stops dirt and grime building up and keeps your car looking great all of the time, it’s very popular with our corporate and professional clients.”

The Detailing Syndicate is perfect for busy clients who require a top of the range detailing service that will have a minimal impact on their schedules. Not only do they assist in taking proper care of the vehicle, the protective and conditioning benefits of auto detailing also helps clients to maintain the market value of their vehicles too.

For a full breakdown of the packages offered, visit their website at

For any questions or queries, inquire via email at or call 713-999-4251.

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Company Name: The Detailing Syndicate
Contact Person: Jeff Barnes
Phone: 713-999-4251
Address:1001 Texas Ave #1400
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States