BOC Sciences Issued Several Tools to Facilitate Chemistry Studies

“BOC Sciences”

BOC Sciences launched three calculators in chemistry to serve as a tool provider with the aim to be a comprehensive chemical site, which is a great move after the optimization of the reference information of chemicals toward becoming a study friendly professional site. Also it’s also a reflection of social responsibility conduction.

The three calculators are molarity calculator, molecular weight calculator, and solution dilution calculator. It’s easy to generate results with them.

Molarity Calculator

It can be used to calculate the –

• mass of a compound required to prepare a solution of known volume and concentration

• volume of solution required to dissolve a compound of known mass to a desired concentration

• concentration of a solution resulting from a known mass of compound in a specific volume

Besides, detail mechanism of the calculation is attached, even every element involved in the process is explained.

Molecular Weight Calculator

Only with one blank filling and button click, result can be gained. But of notice, all the letters in the chemical formula to be input should be capitalized as the calculator is case sensitive.

Solution Dilution Calculator

For the calculations in this line, three parameters are supposed to be provided and they are stock concentration, desired final volume, and desired concentration. The unite of these numbers can be choose at the right side.

BOC Sciences is endeavoring to add more tools or database to boost the process of checking and save time for both students and professionals. A newly added platform for extra chemicals exchange has raised great attention in the field. It can not only help the research labs to turn waste into wealth, but also bring huge significance in building a green world.

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BOC Sciences is a professional chemical supplier providing a wide scope of chemicals for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and agricultural needs. Among all the chemicals provided by the company, a great number of rare chemicals are available at competitive cost. Besides, the company is unremitting to build itself into a comprehensive supplier for both chemicals and related information. 

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