Creative Peptides Set Steps to Optimize Its Resource Section

“Creative Peptide”

Creative Peptides has finished its job on the optimization of resources database which focuses on tools, research articles, and peptides applications to boost the understanding and practical operation process in peptide studies and other activities.

For tools, peptide calculator is provided and it can be employed for peptide formula and molecular weight calculations. The result generation is quite easy as only one parameter is needed. Besides, an abbreviation list for 1-and 3-letter abbreviation is provided, which is quite useful in related article or paper editing. More tools are being conceived to be added to better meet calculation needs.

Then research articles for reference are supplied in the resource part. At present, only three featured peptide areas are presented and they are the Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and cancer. Authoritative articles are included for better understanding of the pharmaceutical potentials of the regarding peptides. In total 8 articles are available and more will be introduced in the following months, and antigen peptides for its applications in cancer diagnosis and treatment may also be added in the next batch.

The last but not the least part is “What is” part, in which the definition, professional characters and practical applications of APIs and cosmetic peptides are included. Pt-141 as a typical example of APIs is the first explained item in this kind and copper peptide for cosmetic peptides. In the detailed pages of every peptide, background, function and even reference are contained. This is just a beginning of the optimization. Creative Peptides set its mind to include all the hot peptides in both research and industrial areas.

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Creative Peptides specialized in peptide supply covering a wide range mainly including APIs for pharmaceutical applications and cosmetic peptides. Other types of peptide like cell-penetrating peptide, catalog peptides, antimicrobial peptides and etc. are also available. The ultimate aim of the company is to become a comprehensive site for peptide products and related knowledge checking. With unremitting effort, they are getting much closer to the goal.

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