Angry Mobs, Stop Here! Security Products Company with Rapidly Deployable Barrier System Partners with RBtec Sensors

Tap Barrier® provides maximum standoff to protect property and high-value targets.

Celebrity events, protests by an angry mob, and perimeters of government buildings, what do they all have in common?  The need for a mobile, ballistic barrier system to keep the public, prominent figures, and structures safe.  Mitigation Technologies has created an innovative barrier system called Tap Barrier™, a temporary anti-personnel barrier designed to help protect physical structures or persons against forceful intrusions. Tap Barrier™ is lightweight, rugged, versatile, adapts to any situation, and comes with a flexible footprint. 

Tap Barrier™ can be used to protect embassies, political rallies, sporting events, music venues, government properties, or any large gathering against a crowd.  It is rapidly deployable, and has features for mounting spikes, lights, cameras or sensors. “All over the world, there is unrest in one form or the other. The police can only do as much as the equipment they have will allow. Most times, they are overwhelmed and driven to use brute force, leading to fatalities. Our Tap Barriers have been created to mitigate this problem by offering security personnel, a genuinely useful barrier system. Tap Barrier™ is deployable in as little as 20 seconds per foot,” said Craig Schwartz of Mitigation Technologies. 


The final testing for Tap Barriers has been completed at Sandia National Labs. Mitigation Technologies is proud to announce their partnership with RBtec Perimeter Security Systems, a leading manufacturer of security solutions.  Once installed, Tap Barrier™, along with the RBtec sensors provides a durable anti-personnel barrier with an audible alarm, and adjustable levels of sensitivity.  In the event of a forceful intrusion, an alarm will sound. 

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