Mingzhi Domestic Service Company, which is a preferred domestic company for global Chinese

Mingzhi Domestic Service Company, which specializes in providing maternity nannies and governesses to foreigners, is a preferred domestic company for global Chinese.

Top domestic service is especially precious and scarce in China – a rapidly developed and fast-changing country. At Mingzhi Domestic Service Company, we offer both psychological and psychological care and considerations and give a warm feeling.

Mingzhi Domestic Service Company provides international families with the best governess service.

We provide bespoke and integrated governess services for pregnant women and babies younger than 3 years old.

Over the past ten years, we’ve provided professional governess and nanny services for 10000 babies in nearly 7000 families and enjoyed a good reputation. Mingzhi Domestic Service Company is one of the leading domestic companies in Shanghai. We are mainly targeted at families in need of professional and scientific baby care.

Mingzhi follows the tenet of reputation first, gives first priority to customer requirements and offers long-term and excellent nanny and governess services:

• Mingzhi will treat you and your baby as members of the family.

• Mingzhi offers top qualified and professional nannies and governesses.

• Mingzhi is the first gift for your baby.

• Mingzhi delivers both love and responsibilities.

Mingzhi Domestic Service Company specializes in providing foreign families with domestic services, which allows Chinese people to enjoy intimate domestic services overseas. We send domestic workers with professional training, good reputation and excellent professional quality to families around the world. We have legal channels and sign formal contracts with the employees.

We place nannies in countries like Australia, Britain, Denmark, Canada and the United States. Our nannies are experienced and highly skilled, which allows them to provide professional and Chinese-style services for overseas Chinese.

Even China is lack of excellent nannies, not to mention foreign countries where the resources are scarce.

Where to find nannies overseas? Mingzhi will find the best nannies in Shanghai and deliver the best care to your family.

For more information about maternity nannies, please add our WeChat: 15800604749

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