KoyoSpin Launches New, Premium Fidget Hand Spinner

Orem, UT – In recent years, the stigma and judgment that was once thrown at people plagued with ADHD or anxiety has largely subsided. Thankfully, the fact that some people fidget or play with objects has been mostly accepted by society as a necessary release of pent up energy. Here to help those who need it find a non-distracting distraction is Koyo Spin with their new hand spinner.

For as long as office settings and lecture halls have been in existence, there have been fidgeters annoying their coworkers and classmates with noisy habits. Although whoever is fiddling with an object may be totally unaware of whatever annoying auditory sound effect it produces, everyone around them is definitely. There has been a sudden increase in tools maybe especially for those with nervous energy, but many of them are no more silent than a clicking pen or fingers tapping steadily on a desk. To provide a silent, unnoticeable solution to such habits, Koyo Spin invented their unique, extremely quiet tri spinner.

This new fidget hand spinner is meant to completely change the fidget toy market. Specially designed for extreme portability, it was meant for its compact design to be quickly tossed into pockets and book bags alike. It’s ergonomic, concave shape allows for a comfortable, natural hold that many of its competitors lack. While some larger shapes or squares are subject to complaints from their users, the KoyoSpin handspinner was designed to be unnoticeable until needed.

While many fidget cubes and other toys create a ruckus that can be projected throughout a classroom or office meeting, KoyoSpin developed an alternative that is eerily quiet that continually distracts the busy part of a users mind. It’s natural, smooth, and oddly satisfying spin can provide a release for nervous energy on and off for hours while a user’s mind continues to focus on the real task at hand without distraction. KoyoSpin has also produced a variety of colors so that their customers can get a hand spinner in a style of their choice, or maybe a different one to match each of their favorite outfits.

Whatever the need, KoyoSpin stands ready to deliver to a variety of consumers with their newly designed hand spinner—created from only hybrid ceramic bearings and from a heavy duty bind that competitors only imitate. Will KoyoSpin’s new, premium spinner takeoff and become the latest wonder in this stress-relief based industry? Only time will tell.

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