Claudio Toyama Speaks at The Prestigious Leadership Speaker Academy at West Point with Lt. General Russell Honore

Author and Leadership Consultant, Claudio Toyama spoke to a select group of thought leaders from around the world at a symposium held at the Military Academy at West Point, NY in the fall of 2016.

A sought out speaker, Toyama was invited to speak at West Point Military Academy and will be speaking at Harvard University in July 2017. Toyama shared the stage with world-renowned figures Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Lt. Gen Russel Honore. The event was part of the Faculty Leadership Speakers Academy, an event that brings cutting edge leadership innovation to entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.

Toyama is author of “Leadership The Samurai Samba Way. A new model for global leadership in the 21st century” and President of Toyama & Co. a global leadership consultancy specializing in sustainable peak performance cultures in organizations. Toyama’s acumen in leadership grew out of being multicultural and having lived in five countries. It was this rich cultural immersion that led him to create a unique proprietary model he calls the Samurai Samba Vinci Way.

This modern Leadership model incorporates the principles of his father’s homeland of Japan, his growing up country of Brazil, and his maternal family’s country of Italy where he lived for a period of time. This composite philosophy has mastery, technique, discipline, respect, integrity, honor, and determination embodied by Samurai. The Samba elements include fluidity, flexibility, improvisation, fun, flow, and rhythm. Completing the triad is the Vinci that forms innovation, creativity, beauty, and exploration.

In his speech, Lt. General Honore commented, “The next war will be about water, not oil. From global and domestic terrorist threats to natural disasters, we encounter new risks to our individual, community, and economic security each day. We will need to leverage technology to deal with 7 to 10 Million people. It’s not an option we must do it. Imagine a plane landing at LaGuardia and the computer tells the pilot that the passenger in seat 22 has a fever. None of this is invented, and we have to live up to our ability to be innovators and dreamers.”

The other keynote speaker, Col. and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, an American engineer and a former astronaut detailed his next mission. As the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, he was one of the first two humans to land on the Moon, and the second person to walk on it. He spoke about going big on his mission to Mars. He commented, “In my opinion, there is no more convincing way to demonstrate American leadership for the remainder of this century than to commit to a permanent presence on Mars, going to Mars without setting up a colony — launching only round-trip manned missions is not enough, nor would establishing human outposts on the moon.”

Toyama’s personal journey and transformation from excessive debt to a life of abundance give him a unique perspective. According to Toyama, “Now I see that this time [of debt] was a blessing as I looked for ways to never have to live that way again.” Developing and mastering the Samurai Samba Vinci Way principles changed everything for Toyama making him a global leader. His client base includes a number of Global Fortune 500 companies, TED Speakers from around the world, and even a Nobel Prize winner in Physics. Toyama has delivered projects in 113 different countries (so far) and he is sought after by media for his expertise on a new model of leadership, “The Samurai Samba Vinci Way.”

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