Valens Research Unleashes Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (UAFRS)

DePaul Center for Strategy, Execution, and Valuation Zones In on Uniform Adjusted Financial Data And Analytics

The DePaul Center for Strategy, Execution and Valuation has announced the addition of Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (UAFRS) to its line-up of courses that are offered at the Driehaus College of Business.  The move comes as a continued effort to focus on creating and sharing newly pioneered finance, accounting and management leadership practices. As a result, “Uniform accounting” is now provided by Valens Research for MBA and executive education courses.

Director of the Center and member of the UAFRS Advisory Council, Dr. Mark Frigo, commented, “We seek to provide the most advanced accounting and financial analysis. UAFRS, Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards, provide a more reliable, more consistent perspective of company performance that GAAP and IFRS standards simply do not.”

The move toward uniform accounting performance and valuation analytics from Valens Research has been long overdue in the eyes of the SEC, members of the IASB and FASB and corporate executives as well.  Unable to offer an undistorted view and clear-cut cash flow reports and other significant accounts, the prior methodology was in need of repair.  Now, the framework has been set for the teaching of improved valuation metrics and more reliable business measures.

Hailed as a global leader in the field of financial analysis under UAFRS, Valens Research is making it possible for SEV students at DePaul to access a number of things such as:

• Greater analysis of the entire scope of comparable metrics between public firms, even those companies that are not similar industries

• Equity valuation analytics and global corporate performance of around 5,000 companies worldwide, enabling illustrative and detailed trend analysis

• Research reports rendering full-text reference reports based on corporate equity valuations, macroeconomics signals driven by UAFRS analytics and cross-capital research that synthesize both credit research and equity

• Metrics which are economically accurate, emphasizing more comparable and reliable cash-flow and assets operations of a firm that eliminate distortion and inconsistencies of as-reported accounting and financial disclosures

Founded in 2004, The Center for Strategy, Execution and Valuation is a hub of excellence in the area of thought leadership in Strategy and Execution.  It imparts a platform for thought leaders, the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business community and business leaders to engage within as they co-create and share leading practices in strategy and strategy execution.

Valens Research is a leader in providing the most regular, up-to-date, economically relevant and reliable corporate performance, credit analysis and equity valuation.  The information is derived by disassembling then reconstructing each company’s financial statements into Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards for close to 5,000 worldwide companies.

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