Triathletes/Athletes Finding New Favourite Energy Source for Racing Day

Sydney, AU – As triathlon and racing season really gets underway this April, in one of the world’s healthiest and fittest countries, athletes and triathletes are finding a new golden energy source for their racing and game days in Boosta’s Manuka Bars & Chews.

Australia is home to hundreds of triathlons and races and to thousands of athletes who participate. Ranked as one of the world’s healthiest countries, their athletes are sure to have a keen eye on the best sources for healthy energy on racing day.

With the potential of burning thousands of calories during a triathlon event, participants must refuel or else risk not only losing the energy it takes to complete the race but also serious bodily harm. A difficulty has been finding a way to replenish that is easy, lightweight, and small since athletes have to be able to eat and drink literally on the run. Of course, for a couple of decades now, there have been energy drinks, bars, gels and chews to do this job.

However, now with the rising concerns about the health risks of artificial ingredients, preservatives, stimulants and caffeine, Australian athletes are eager to find ways to keep up their energy during the big race that are more natural and healthy than the standard protein and energy bars and gels, but that are just as effective and convenient. For many of them, Boosta, available at, has become the solution to their problem.

Boosta Manuka Bars and Chews are made from natural ingredients such as cashews, nuts, fruits, and most importantly, Manuka honey. All provide healthy fats, carbs and sugars, resulting in long lasting energy without the crash. And the honey, made only in New Zealand, is no ordinary honey – it has numerous unique properties that help improve and sustain intestinal health, remove inflammation (which can occur after tough workouts) and carry nutrients that provide sustained energy to the body.

The creator of Boosta, Hayden Pohio, son of a beekeeper from New Zealand and himself an athlete, came up with the idea for the bars when he was getting frustrated with the unhealthy, highly processed and artificial energy bars and drinks that weren’t keeping his body energized and whichleft his stomach upset.

Inspired by the health benefits of his father’s honey, he created the Boosta Manuka Bars and Chews, packed full of healthy energy sources that would last and that could fit easily in a runner or cyclist’s small pouch or belt.

Made by a health conscious athlete for fellow athletes, Boosta is quickly becoming the favourite go-to energy source for athletes of all kinds.

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