Passionate Team of Engineers at AI Homes, Create Informative Blog With Home Automation Tutorials, Tips and Helpful Reviews

Sheffield – AI Homes are a group of engineers who are highly passionate about home automation. While they noticed that there was a distinct lack of information on the internet about smart home technology, they decided to step up and create a blog that contained home automation tutorials, tips and reviews.

On their website, home automation enthusiasts can find links to different products that can help give them the inspiration and knowledge they need to turn their home into a smart home. They have reviewed and suggested only the top, high-quality modern technology brands such as LightwaveRF, Amazon, Phillips and more.

LightwaveRFhas been around since 2007 and happens to be one of the best UK based companies that specialize in smart home products and home automation, and AI Home have delved into the company and have expressed their opinion about them on their blog. They have covered a lot of ground when talking aboutLightwaveRF, and have listed and reviewed quite a few of their products. Such as the Smartphone Wi-Fi Web Link, remote controllers, dimmers, inline relays, door chimes and more. They state that LightwaveRF offers a lot lesser sensors in comparison to other companies like SmartThings, but say that they are also a cheaper and easier option compared to Z-wave. The home automation system focuses mainly on three things, Lighting, Heating and Power. AI Homes go into explaining each section, and the devices you may need to get started automating your home with LightwaveRF.

As well as writing product reviews, they also have written a blog post titled ‘The Top Ten Benefits of a Smart Home’. They claim that not only can you potentially save energy and money from setting up a home automation system, but it can also boost your home security and contributes to the economy. They go on to list valid and strong points to installing a home automation system and put a lot of empathise on the convenience, safety, and just general peace of mind. Alongside this blog post, they also have a blog post ‘Reasons to Consider Automating Your Home’. Under the sub-heading ‘Extreme Comfort and Convenience’, they talk about how you have your home in your hands, being able to control the windows and drapes, and has a centralized vacuum, and irrigation system. Home automation allows the customer to operate their irrigation system on set schedules’ and events. Thus, leaving the entire control of their home on their terms.

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