A new darker & deeper social media has emerged…

NEW YORK, NY – 10 Apr, 2017 – The internet never saw it coming… a new social media platform based around the deeper and darker things in life, and it is free to join. Heard of the deep web? Well this platform is soon to be as close to it as you can get.

“I thought the world had enough social media networks until I came across Simpli Psychic. It has every category I am interested in! I invited all my friends.” – Stacy Gomez – a Simpli Psychic member.

Simpli Psychic is not your ordinary social media platform. It has 28 different categories that you can post in. These categories are a live feed, so as soon as someone posts in it, it shows up, a lot like on Twitter, only you have specific categories that you can post in, making it easier to get to the content you love. Gain followers, likes, shares and comments on your deep dark posts. Strictly a no adult or illegal content policy to ensure your safety while on the platform.

CEO & founder Derrick Solano has a vision of Simpli Psychic being the newest and hottest social media platform on the internet. He invites you to come create your free profile today and invite your friends… if you dare.

Join Simpli Psychic and invite your friends today… Simpli Psychic is calling you… www.SimpliPsychic.com

For Further Information contact: Derrick Solano Phone: 505-426-4176 email: simplipsychic@gmail.co

Media Contact
Company Name: Simpli Psychic
Contact Person: Derrick Solano
Email: simplipsychic@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: https://www.simplipsychic.com