Swhey Poised to Change Health and Beauty Market

Swhey products help build healthy skin and hair from the inside out
Swhey is a new wellness company that focuses on providing nutritional solutions to common aesthetic issues. Their new line of beauty supplements helps build healthy skin and hair from the inside out.

(Hoboken, NJ) Americans spend billions of dollars each year on beauty products and still remain unhappy and dissatisfied with the results. Sam Shah, founder and CEO of Swhey, believes this is because too many people look for topical solutions to beauty rather than working from the inside out. Studies show that the health, elasticity and radiance of skin is determined by the health of the liver, as it detoxify the system allowing cells to receive oxygen. When the liver is poorly functioning, the epidermis takes over and toxins are then eliminated through the skin causing brittle hair and dull, red lackluster skin—something the nutritionists at Swhey believe can be reversed using the right supplements.

“You’ve heard the old expression ‘You are what you eat’,” says Shah. “This is as true now as it was then, and science is helping us to confirm this. Our approach to beauty begins with creating a healthy body that will then produce healthier skin and hair. We believe that the future of beauty is internal wellness.”

Swhey is adding another dimension to the beauty regimen by focusing on restorative supplements so that the organs relieve the skin from its detoxification “duties” and give it the nourishment it needs to glow. The company launched their three branded products:

Alkamist, an organic greens and fruits powder made up of 34 ingredients to restore pH levels, fight inflammation, boost mood, and detoxify the body;

Halo, an all organic whey, plant, and rice protein blended with other ethically sourced ingredients like fair trade cacao, Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut to increase metabolism and build lean muscle tissue;

Healix, supplemental capsules made up of 6 organic ingredients: chlorella, garlic, ginger root, spirulina, dandelion root, and Jerusalem artichoke to help with liver detoxification and digestion.

The team behind Swhey is so convinced that nutritional supplements are the future of the beauty industry, that many of them were willing to leave high powered positions at some of the most well-known firms on the globe to get behind this beauty revolution.

“Swhey is a passion project for all of us,” cites Shah. “We believed in this idea so much that our team was willing to leave jobs at companies like Goldman Sachs, HSBC and IDT to get this started. We also have top thought leaders on our advisory team who built companies like Class Pass and Protein World.”

They knew that the key to beautiful glowing skin and healthy hair and nails begins internally and that this would be a revolutionary idea in a world of creams and topical solutions. Swhey products would need to be packaged and marketed differently to appeal to the beauty community. The result is a line of supplements and powders that come in an aesthetically-pleasing package and campaign focused on the meeting of internal and external beauty solutions. Shah plans for his products to be on the shelves of beauty stores like Sephora so consumers have what they need inside and out.

Swhey is the future of the beauty and skincare industry, and they want the world to know it.

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