Jin Jidosha’s Car Export Sets New Industry Wide Milestone within the African Region

Leading car exporter of used Japanese Automobiles, Jin Jidosha has set a new industry wide milestone of achieving 70% growth within the African region, surpassing the previous record of 2015.

Tokyo – Jin Jidosha, a well renowned name within the car export industry of Japanese used automobiles has successfully tapped on the lucrative opportunities available within the African region with regard to high demand for used automobiles. With the rapidly growing demand for used Japanese automobiles within the region, Jin Jidosha has been successful with its strategic planning and sales forecasting for the year 2016.

The African region has shown promising demand for used automobiles and the market is growing in stature every year. According to the CEO of Jin Jidosha “the African region has emerged as a credible target market which, still is developing in terms of realizing the merits and benefits associated with the purchase of Japanese automobiles. Moreover, with the increasing middle-class population within the region, the demand and potential is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come for which we have integrated a medium to long term sales forecasting approach within our business plans.”

The sale of used Japanese car has taken over the new cars by as much as 60%. The factors significantly contributing towards this demand include high population growth and low income rates, hence, consumers are now more inclined towards purchasing used cars and Japanese vehicles have earned the trust and reliability award for many. This is why Jin Jidosha is all set to grow and provide people with reliable and affordable means of getting their favorite vehicles.

Given the massive response shown by the African region towards the automotive industry, there exists a growth potential that will increase three-folds by the year 2020, as predicted by leading industry analysts. Africa’s major revenue comes from the natural reserves that are depleting with time. Therefore, it needs to consider the other possible sources of future growth and automotive industry seems like a good opportunity to explore. 

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