Forbes Names Jen Selter One of the Most Influential Women in Fitness

Social Media Star Jen Selter earns position as the second most influential fitness star in the world.

Today, Forbes Magazine introduced their first ever list of top global influencers on social media in several different industry categories beginning with beauty, home and fitness. At the top of the list of fitness influencers was PMG Sports client Jen Selter who was tapped as the second most influential fitness personality in the world. Jen has been recognized not only for her incredible following of over 32 million social media followers growing by over 250,000 a month, but also for her innovative business model that includes the development of a multi-product brand called Gym|Looks, ancillary social media accounts and an interwoven community of engaged followers.

Jen’s latest honor from Forbes is a testament to her massive appeal with the 15-24-year-old demographic and corporate partners interested in creating successful digital marketing campaigns with tangible ROI. What separates her from the thousands of other fitness influencers on social media is her ability to understand the needs and wants of her online audience. Jen creates captivating content and positions it in a way that draws her audience in closer and helps her brand partners connect with target consumers on a customer-to-customer level.

In 2017, Jen has gone beyond social media to bring the Jen Selter brand to life for fans through her own personal fitness app with Fitplan and the highly-anticipated launch of her global fitness and lifestyle brand Gym|Looks debuting this summer. Jen is also traveling the globe on the Jen Selter Fitness & Fun Tour which began with a stop In Ireland as the featured keynote speaker for the 2017 Dublin Tech Summit and will include appearances at FitCon 2017, the U.K.’s largest fitness expo being held from April 21-23, as well as stops in Mexico, England, Sweden and several other cities soon to be announced.

“I’ve been with Jen for almost 3 years now,” said PMG Sports President & CEO Evan Morgenstein. “I have never seen so many companies and brands knocking on our door for partnerships, collaborations and global brand launches. Jen has become the ‘It Girl’ of social media.”  

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