Multicultural Workforce in Automation Featuring Ignacio Isusi

Ignacio Isusi, Ontological Executive Coach, discussed the need for effective communication in automation in the recent issue of Automation and Controls Today magazine.

“Advancements in technology are often met with resistance, especially when the workforce fears displacement. The rise of automation is often associated with the threat that companies will outsource labor to machines. It is up to executive leadership in the C-Suite to ensure that the employees feel valued, respected, and perceive their critical role to the future success of the company,” explained Isusi.

Isusi works with industrial leaders to capture the communication needed to honestly acknowledge while the nature of the jobs may change due to automation, it can and must be shared in a way that empowers the workforce.

Isusi shared that with an ever-increasing number of Spanish-speaking workers the imperative to share in a multi-cultural environment often exacerbates the fear and isolation associated with automation advancement.

Automation & Controls Today is a well-respected international business-to-business publication highlighting advances in manufacturing, industry, and logistics.

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About Ignacio Isusi Multi-Cultural Executive Coaching:

Ignacio Isusi is an expert in managing the world-class success of C-level business executives as well as leaders working to increase employee engagement.  An Ontological Business Coach (certified by Newfield Consulting), and Director of Active Techniques and Psychodrama (by The International Institute of Human Relations Dean and Doreen Elefthery), Isusi holds a law degree from the University of Deusto, an MBA in Business Administration and Management from ESDEN Business School and a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and El Correo.   

After a professional career spanning more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business investor, and author, Isusi now channels his energy and experience to helping great leaders become even greater.  The core philosophy of his work is to accompany maximum competence in learning processes, skills, and competencies, so that any person or organization is left powerful to achieve maximum personal and professional quality life.

Isusi has earned a reputation for providing coaching to C-level executives, those leaders at the highest corporate and organizational levels. Isusi’s coaching is grounded in solid leadership development principles, yet very practical and results-oriented. Isusi coaching strategies are applied immediately for behavioral change or strategic implementation. Clients are left with an immediate application and use for the principles after working with Isusi. 

Isusi utilizes coaching models that executives can use with others as they lead and coach their teams to sustained performance. Not only do they experience enhanced performance and apply new behaviors and competencies for themselves, but they also gain the insight, understanding and competencies to use with their direct reports and executive teams. When coaching is leveraged in this way, the executive increases the value of coaching by multiples because it has direct application to others.

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