Mindheroese.K Delivers Stronger Self-focus in Success Pursuit with the Release of Mobile App

Stay Focused on your Goals and achieve your Dreams with the ‘iGoalCard’ app

Mindheroese.k, a mobile app development service provider, releases iGoalCard, available for all devices. After a successful meditation app with over 50,000 users, this state-of- the-art mobile app is made for everyone who dreams to become someone in a life or those who wish that something special happen to them. This special app is second to none in helping users attain self-control and making them stay determined on their set goals.

According to Abdelaziz Halim, the C.E.O, and founder of iGoalCard, “By using the app, one becomes more disciplined, motivated and focused in everything in life”.iGoalCardis for those who as a result of disappointments, struggles, setbacks and delayed success are either discouraged or have given up in life. For those who have lost track in their ambition and purpose in life, this innovative app helps bring them back on track, keeping them concentrated on their dreams and encouraging them to soar higher.

According to Kreativa Digital Agency, a user of iGoalCard, “We love the way iGoalCard balances all the life categories and help us be present with our goals 24/7. As full-time workers and life enthusiast, we needed an app that combines all the beneficial features and lets us connect with like-minded people around the world. Thanks to iGoalCard, we are always synced in with our goals and continuously motivate ourselves to push forward to achieving them.”

The app which features twenty-one different categories in life, helps users to build their own dreams, set their goals and guide them towards a fulfillment of such. Amongst so many other interesting features, iGoalCardalso comes with a built-in player, to help you relax, meditate and stay focused anytime. iGoalCard works for you and makes you be the best you can be.

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