Steele Carpet Cleaning in Alberta Presents an Updated Website and Upgraded Service

Ocean Steele, the owner of Steele Carpet, presents an improved website for his Alberta carpet cleaning service. Now booking has become much easier and faster. The company has also expanded the list of their tools and techniques.

Steele Carpet Cleaning is a service that has over 20 years of history. Over this time it has proven to be reliable and efficient in cleaning all kinds of carpeting for the residents and businesses of Airdrie, Alberta and the surrounding areas. Ocean Steele, the owner of the company, believes one should never stop growing and he realizes this belief in his business.

Now Steele Carpet offers a higher level of service as they have improved their tools and methods and upgraded the website. Not only is contacting the company and booking a visit from carpet cleaners is easier now, but the service itself is faster and more thorough.

What Makes Steele Carpet Cleaning Service Different?

There are dozens of cleaning businesses in Alberta, so it’s reasonable to wonder what can make one stand out. Steele Carpet is unlike its competitors due to their unique philosophy and approach to business. These are largely dictated by the owner.

Ocean himself is an extraordinary person. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, he is a talented martial artist. This kind of skill requires an utmost level of control over one’s body, so he is perfectly in tune with himself. This level of awareness of one’s physical being allows the person to understand how different factors of the environment affect their wellbeing.

The truth of the matter is that the level of air pollution in Airdrie is quite high as it’s an industrial area. The quality of air within homes is often even lower than outdoors because houses are made airtight for the purpose of saving energy.

In these circumstances, carpeting can turn into a cesspool of bacteria that can cause or at the very least contribute to the development of various health problems. Asthma and other respiratory conditions as well as skin issues are the most common of them.

Efficient and regular carpet cleaning is vitally important in this situation as it allows to protect the health of the building’s inhabitants. Steele Carpet is a service that understands all these issues and utilizes the most advanced cleaning solutions to increase the safety of homes and offices in the Airdrie area.

Their website offers more detailed information about their services as well as a Quote form for booking a visit or making an inquiry for additional information. The company provides residential and commercial cleaning services for carpeting and upholstery.

Media Contact
Company Name: Steele Carpet
Contact Person: Ocean Steele
Phone: 1-587-777-0239
Address:147 Reunion Green NW
City: Airdrie
State: AB T4B 3X1
Country: Canada